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You’ve Got Mail: A New Look at Old Methods

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Whenever you start a business, you will most likely think about its promotion. Promotion is an inevitable and inalienable part of the business if you want to get somewhere. Throughout the last two or three decades, the methods of promotion have become extremely diverse, primarily thanks to the internet and the rise of digital technology. One of such digital means of promotion is automated email and SMS marketing campaigns. We’re not going to talk about spam here, however, but rather about those messages that you get in the «Promotions» folder if you’re using a Google Mail service or app.

5 Ways to Start a Multilingual Marketing Campaign

Despite making an overall outdated impression, email marketing is still quite popular today. Email is still a thing and a number of companies provide such a service for a rather democratic price, making it very comfortable for startups and new businesses. Yet, starting and maintaining a proper email marketing campaign that would not bother your target audience and not look like spam is all hard work. This, of course, also relates to a multilingual email campaign in case if you decide to go international and reach a greater audience. Here are five basic tips that could make this work for you much easier.

  • Precision is the king. Make sure to define your target market and the audience absolutely clearly. In case if you want to create a relevant and naturally looking campaign, you have to ensure the precision of your targeting. In order to do that, you can do that by adding a language choice option for subscription on your website. For instance, if you certainly know that a part of your audience is French or Spanish speaking, you must add a subscription option for a corresponding language. This way, you will certainly gain the trust of your potential customers in the first place and will engage them with the content of your emails. It is much more comfortable to perceive a business when you understand what and how exactly it tries to sell you something.
  • Create localized content. Just think about it pragmatically, you would be more interesting to buy something or visit a certain venue if any of it was available near you. Do not just translate your emails, bring your business closer to your audience through them. Consider local news, events, cultural differences, or overall preferences of people in the region you target. Consider an audience as specific as possible. Instead of targeting Canada, for instance, target Ontario. It would be even a greater plus to use certified or official translation services.
  • Make sure that the subject line of your emails is efficient and attractive… in every language. Again, a mere translation of the content you have generated for your emails, including the subject line, is not enough. In order for the campaign to be viable and at least 35% of recipients would open your message, create an ultimate subject line that would call for action or engage your audience right away. At the same time, it should not sound like spam or another typical marketing campaign. So, use your imagination at its best and generate not only the quality content but also the quality headline for it. Don’t just try to start a conversation with your potential customers, but make it look as if you are carrying it on.
  • Never go out of legal or ethical boundaries. Do not try to create a hyped email or subject by providing false, incomplete, or generalized information, especially about your audience’s local events or otherwise environment. In such a way, you will only push your potential customers away. At the expense of bigger reach in terms of quality, go for the quality of your potential customers. Create only quality and relevant content that would not sound like direct spam, or simply an irrelevant or unclear message. You might attract a bigger audience with a hyped and largely hyperbolized content, but that audience might not be easily convertible into actual customers.
  • Translate well. You would probably skip an email that contains grammar, syntax, or otherwise proofreading issues. In addition, you would probably treat an email with an awkward word choice as suspicious at least. When translating your emails, never rely on machine translation. Use professionals only. A person working for you in such a case will be a tested professional who knows what he or she is doing. You do not have to go far to find such an employee, it’s enough to just look into The Word Point reviews.

Think in Your Audience’s Language

Email marketing campaign

Starting an email marketing campaign is a reasonable idea, yet, it has to be very well-thought. Today, email is so common and users are so aware that, in order for a message to be opened, it has to be interesting, from headline to signature. When planning any email campaign, do not just try to engage your potential customer with interesting content, think in his or her native language. Would this or that subject sound engaging for you in English? Would literally the same thing sound as interesting in Spanish? In case if you cannot answer that question right away, go ask a specialist, it is totally worth it!


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