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Why Entrepreneurs Need to Be Scramblers

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As an American football fan, you know the meaning of a scramble. Scramblers are major quarterbacks on the team. A quarterback scramble or scramble is an impromptu maneuver or run in gridiron football by a quarterback. If a quarterback is under pressure by an opposing team’s defense, he may run forward, backward, or laterally in an attempt to avoid being tackled behind the line of scrimmage—a quarterback sack. This is one of the numerous things in American football that entrepreneurs ought to emulate. They need to be the scramblers of their enterprises. These are some of the upsides of being a scrambler entrepreneur for the growth of your business.

Prepare for unexpected eventualities

Just like a quarterback makes a scrambling move in the event there is no one forward to pass the ball to, as an entrepreneur, you should do the same. This is done in anticipation of better passing opportunities and even though it lasts only seconds, it could be the defining moment of the game. The same applies to entrepreneurs. The projections and plans you had in mind may encounter challenges. These could be things you didn’t expect, such as natural calamities. As scramblers, you should find a way to overcome these challenges and grow from the experience.

This can also arise when you experience a failure in marketing strategies. It may result in your competitor increasing their hold on your niche. This however doesn’t have to put you down. Find better ways to come on top of them. Change your current strategies to those that have been proven to be effective. This is what scramblers do. They are not held back.

Maintain focus and be fast


In American football, the scramblers, who are usually quarterbacks, are known to be very swift. This is a character that you should emulate. Always be on standby as an entrepreneur to make business changes that don’t seem to work. You should also be quick to capitalize on market opportunities as they arise. Taking these up before competitors will give entrepreneurs who are scramblers an edge over their competition. Before they can catch up, you will have already taken more steps ahead. This will have you always on the lead and this quick response will surely reflect on your financial statements.

Entrepreneurs have to be scramblers, as the growth of their businesses is dependent on this. It is through a fast response to the situation that growth is brought up and sustained in a business.


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