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What to Know About the Triple Crown

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The Triple Crown is the most exclusive award for a racing horse. The first one was awarded back in 1919 when Sir Barton had three wins in prestigious championships. He managed to win at the Kentucky Derby, preakness stake, and the Belmont Stakes. For now, a total of 13 racing horses have been awarded the prestigious prize. With every competition, the trainers and bettors can’t wait to see if someone scores the award.

When a Derbi winner is spotted at another competition, the fans are eager to see if they will witness the miracle. Triple Crown is a term that has been around for a long time but has become pretty popular since 1930. In order for a horse to win this title, it has to undergo three consecutive wins, but the order of the races has varied over the years. Although everything begins with the Kentucky Derby, there were instances when this wasn’t the case. Due to the pandemic, in 2020, they started with the Belmont Stakes in June. The Kentucky Derby was postponed for September and the Preakness for October.

Which horses have won? 

While the first horse won the award in 1919, it was long ago before another got this crown. In 1930, Gallant Fox became a proud contestant with a Triple Crown. After Citation got the Crown in 1948, there was a long period of 25 years without a triple winner. Finally, Secretariat got the Crown in 1973, proving his reputation as the best racehorse.

Winning the Triple Crown

Winning the triple crown

The Kentucky Derby is the first step toward winning the Triple Crown. It takes place in Louisville on the first Saturday in May. The three-year-old thoroughbreds will compete for one and a quarter miles. The two-minute race is known to be so exciting.

After the most favorite event in the South, it is time to transfer to Baltimore. Two weeks after the Derbi, the participants will show you their power in the Preakness. After the tiring race during the Kentucky Derby, there is a short time for recovery. Therefore, this makes the race even more challenging. Only the best will manage to recover and participate in the mile and three-sixteenths. Even though the race is shorter than the first one, it can still be exhausting when the horses have shown off their best performance at the Derby.

The short timeframe is why some contestants skip the Preakness and head directly to the Belmont. However, the appearance of new shooters isn’t surprising. These are the horses that took a rest during the Derbi and gathered enough power for a strong comeback in the Preakness. Early Voting is one of the horses that skipped the Derbi and instead focused on what’s coming next. His trainer announced that he was sad to let go of the Derby but believed this was an intelligent decision. Apart from being a horse trainer, Chad Brown thinks that he is managing risks well. And skipping one round is the best method for this, according to him. Investing all power in the Derby and bad results are disappointing for the trainer.

The critical difference between the Derby and the Preakness is the reason why some decide to skip the first one. Due to its nature, the Derbi requires luck. On the other hand, the Preakness is more for durability. Three weeks after this comes the Belmont, a balanced combination of durability, speed, and grip. This race includes the longest track in America, so it is more challenging and requires a variety of skills.

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