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What to Do Next After Getting Injured In an Accident

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When an accident happens, you may suffer severe injuries and emotions may run high. However, to increase your chances of getting compensation, there are critical steps that you should take right at the accident scene and soon afterward. As a guide, here is a quick overview of the actions to take after getting injured in an accident:

Don’t Be In A Hurry To Leave The Scene

Don’t leave the scene of the accident until it is proper to do so. Well, this will depend on the type of injuries sustained. However, if the injuries are not severe and you leave the scene of the accident, especially where a third party sustained serious injuries or was killed, you may be liable for serious criminal penalties.

Take Notes Of What Happened


If possible, take detailed notes of what happened after the accident and include the names of witnesses who saw the accidents. If you were injured at work, for instance, your employer may not agree that the accident occurred at the workplace—you may not find out until later. Taking notes will remind you exactly what happened.

If it is a car accident, you may also need to take pictures of any damage to your vehicle. Photos can help guide your insurance company on how much you should be compensated for the damage to your vehicle. It can also help your accident attorney build a strong case in court.

Contact The Police

Irrespective of the severity of the accident, ensure that there is a legal accident report. In situations where cops arrive at the scene, note their names and badge numbers. Many states have a timeline within which accident injuries (especially those related to work) should be reported. Accordingly, you should report any accident that you are involved in—whether or not you believe you’ve been injured.

Keep a Detailed Account Of Your Medical Treatment

Medical treatment

Note any physician or medical professional that you receive treatment from after getting injured in an accident.  Note down any form of medication that you receive as well. Additionally, request copies of all the bills and medical reports because you can use them later to prove your medical expenses. You should also keep a record of how the injuries sustained impacted your daily routines. Include a list of activities that you can no longer undertake, missed workdays, and how the injuries have impacted your family life.

Be Careful With Early Settlements

Before accepting any form of early settlement, confirm that all your injuries have been treated. Remember that certain injuries may not show any signs of discomfort until a few weeks or months later. So, don’t rush into settling a claim before you are sure that you’ll get compensation for all your injuries. Additionally, consult a lawyer before signing any documents.


Following the right steps is the best surefire way of ensuring that you’ll get compensated after getting injured in an accident. If you run into trouble, consult an attorney or a law firm with experience handling injury compensation, such as Odegaard Miller Law, PLLC. An attorney will not only help you maximize your compensation but also defend you appropriately in case you are at fault.

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