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HomeTipsWhat Makes Draftking The Best Dfs Site?

What Makes Draftking The Best Dfs Site?

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When you are looking to win more money with your DFS lineups, the DraftKings NFL strategy was created with DraftKings in mind, but strategies work for other sites as well. 

I probably have a general idea of how fantasy scoring works, but every daily fantasy site will have different scoring. At DraftKings, the players are given a full point for each catch or reception. It is known as the 1 PPR League. 

You have to look at the stats, such as targets and receptions when you are choosing your players. A receiver who takes two catches for a hundred yards is not as valuable as a receiver who takes 10 catches for a hundred yards. And also take into consideration the same when choosing running backs; a back catches a lot of passes and is very valuable. 

Advantage of Late Swap –

DraftKings permits you to swap out players right up until their kickoff, where the other sides lock the roster at the first game. A late swap is a great option because many times, in all sports, players will make game-time decisions and nothing sucks more than rostering an injured player. For more details, you can visit GameDayr as they are pioneers in this.  

The first way to use late swap is to make sure you are putting the user with the latest beginning time in your flex position, this way if you have to swap that player out you can do it with any of the skill positions.

The second way to use late swaps in Draft King’s strategy is to change the player based on how you are doing in the DraftKings contest. If you are far out of money in a contest, Monday Night Player is your lineup. If you think they’re going to be highly owned and you won’t be able to make it, you could try swapping him or her out for a player who will have low ownership, hoping for a breakout performance from that gamer. 

Low Ownership Players:

Low ownership players

With big tournaments, one popular topic is the strategy of picking players who are going to have low ownership. The lower the ownership of each player in your lineup, the more people you have an advantage over if that player performs well. It is not a great strategy to just compile your lineup with a bunch of players with low ownership; you still try to put together a team that will get you the most points. Having low-ownership players in your lineup is good, but just don’t do it because you have heard of this strategy. Sometimes there is obvious value and even if the player is highly valued, you still have him in your lineup.

Decreased Salary Costs Players:

Sometimes Draftkings drop the price of an NFL player who is not playing well and a lot of time that adds value to that player as long as the player’s role hasn’t diminished. 

Elite Players vs Good Defenses

Elite players vs good defenses

Elite players most of the time shine versus any defense, even the best in the game. It can be a good way, taking an elite player versus a really good defense, to find a pro player with a lot of upside potential with low ownership

Use DFS Tools:

As DFS continues to grow, there are a lot of great tools to help you put together an optimal lineup and find solid value players.

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