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What Fresh Feature Is Whatsapp Developing?

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According to WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, is developing a new update for users called community tabs.

In a future update of the app, WhatsApp will introduce community sections within the conversation list, according to the app-tracking website. Within the chat list, WhatsApp will introduce community tabs that will be accessible in a future app version. Following are the new features that would be updated in a short while by Whatsapp:

1. Updates Regarding the Whatsapp Community

As the messaging service works on community tabs within the conversation list, users of WhatsApp will soon get the chance to enjoy yet another new feature.

WaBetaInfo reports that a future version of the app will include the community tabs update.

The app-tracking website stated that the upgrade is currently in development and not yet accessible to beta testers.

Earlier, WhatsApp had unveiled a new system for user organization that would make it easier for users to find their groups within the chat list.

A new toolbar will eventually appear at the top of the list of chats in the instant messaging application. There will be a list of all the communities that users have joined.

According to WaBetaInfo, “all your groups will be listed under their respective communities when selecting a tab,” with the ability to “view a list of their groups as all groups that belong to a community will be filtered in the chat list when its parent community tab is selected.”

Updates regarding the whatsapp community wabetainfo

Every time a user receives a text from a group that is connected to a community, a blue badge would be shown over the community icon. He or she will find it simple to exert greater control over the signals they receive as a result.

Furthermore, the toolbar will only display groups that are tied to a community; it will not list any other groups.

2. Updates Regarding the Whatsapp Admin Review

According to reports, ‘admin review’, a new feature being developed by Meta-owned WhatsApp on Android, will give group administrators tools to assist them in better moderating their groups.

When the functionality is enabled, group members will be able to report particular texts to the group admin, claims WABetaInfo.

When a member reports a message as inappropriate or in violation of the group’s rules, the admin has the option of deleting it for everyone in the group.

The new option will eventually be accessible in the group settings section, claims the article.

The source further stated that a new component of the app, found within group info, will only allow group admins to view the reported messages.

In a future software update, beta testers will be given the option to report messages to group admins, according to the article.

A new side-by-side’ functionality for WhatsApp is apparently being rolled out on Android tablets for certain beta testers.

Users will have more control over the WhatsApp UI on their Android tablets thanks to this functionality, which enables them to flip between discussions without losing track of their ongoing talks.

The side-by-side view can also be turned off by users by switching the available setting under WhatsApp Settings > Chats.

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