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Top 3 NFTs for Investment

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Even with the crypto market crashing, hundreds of thousands of dollars continue to be poured into investments for the NFT space – covering everything from high-ticket virtual fashion to the most expensive domains.

With investors looking for healthy investment options to hedge against inflation and possible economic crisis, we’ll be covering NFT categories that present a unique opportunity to capitalize on downed prices and get in on a great project at an even better deal.

Infancy Stage

“If you see this, it’s too soon” is an often quoted trope in the frothy market for NFTs in their infancy stage. Many people will often get in on the ground floor of hyper-speculative digital assets during these stage.

Why? Because these are the NFTs with the most upside potential. Being early in the unregulated world of NFTs is very lucrative, with early adopters often being rewarded with whitelist access before the token goes on sale to the general public.

These projects are newly released, with real-world utility, and without a lot of marketing done yet. The NFT categories many believe to be in their infancy stage include Domain Names, Music, Sports Betting, and Virtual Fashion.

Rising Stars

Rising stars nfts

As opposed to the NFTs in their infancy stage, these marketing projects have done some marketing and have a small following of first-generation investors, as we’d like to call them.

With cryptocurrency being a very momentum-based industry, these rising NFT projects provide great opportunities for investment considering their upside potential. One of the more notable examples are NFT-based images such as the Bored Ape NFTs collection, featuring 10,000 unique NFTs and worth over 23,000 ETH coins. During the peak of their trading, the Bored Ape Yach Collection recorded more than a 360% increase in trading volume.

Staple NFTs

These are the NFTs that have made it to the top of the NFT universe and are considered staples in the crypto universe. Examples of staple NFT categories include Art, Video Game Items, Trading Cards, and memes.

Bored Ape, our example for rising stars NFTs, has since become a staple product in the marketplace, fundraising at a multi-million dollar valuation while being the face of OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace valued at more than $13 billion at its peak.

With mind-boggling numbers like these, celebrity endorsements, and a massive array of crypto heroes and, its no wonder why NFTs have become the massive success that it is.

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