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Top 11 Benefits Of VoIP For Small Business

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It has become more than important these days to enhance overall business performance to stay in the competition. Advanced technology should be adopted in the business. Voice Over Internet Protocol offers more benefits when compared to traditional phone systems. Refer to a VoIP headsets article by choosing the best VoIP device that helps companies to communicate with their customers with the best quality. It is also called Hosted/Business Protocol, Cloud PBX along with other terms, but having similar meanings.

11 important benefits offered by VoIP to businesses

1. Simplified Conferencing:

Conferencing is considerably simplified since dedicated phone lines will not be essential. With traditional phone systems, you will only be paying more to host multiple callers and avail of additional services. However, these features are native with the converged data network. Cost is also inbuilt in the service offered.

2. Lower costs:

Such services can help businesses including small ones to save a huge amount of money. If your business requires making regular long-distance calls, then installing many phone lines will add up costs quickly. But communication data is modified to data packets, sent across IP network. The latter can be existing net connection or connection with the service provider.

3. Better bandwidth usage:

Existing bandwidth can be used wisely. Half of all voice conversations made end up in silence. Modern technology manages to fills up such information gaps using other data derived from other bandwidth consumers. This ensures better resource usage. Moreover, it allows speech redundancy elimination and compression to enhance efficiencies.

Better bandwidth usage voip

4. Worldwide Access:

This cloud-based communications platform allows employees to work from the comfort of their home. This helps businesses to reduce their utility costs. Employees can also effectively telecommute while remotely use data, fax and voice services of the office through the intranet. With this technology becoming portable, users can connect even from abroad.

5. Network Flexibility:

With the Network Quality Manager in charge of your service, your existing SONET, Ethernet, WIFI or ATM can be used as your network foundation. It helps eliminate the complexity involved in PSTN phone networks, thus allowing a standardized system to support different types of communications.

6. Comprehensive Additional Features:

This cloud-based communications platform allows connecting with different types of devices to enhance business productivity. There are offered features like voicemail, contact lists, virtual numbers, caller ID, etc. Such services do help promote operational efficiency. Features are generally included within the package offered. You can even opt for custom packages.

7. Effective communication:

Since employees these days are working from across the globe, it is for them to be within easy reach at all times. Such technology allows quick answering of urgent calls while less time can be spent towards checking voicemail, etc.

8. Fax over IP:

It helps eliminate high costs otherwise involved in long-distance facsimiles. It also improves compatibility between service reliability and machines. Fax-related information gets transmitted through data packets, thereby improving business performance and efficiency. Fax machine is not necessary to receive/send fax.

9. Easy to install, maintain and configure:

IP phones can be installed easily. Expert technicians will not have to be hired for the job since they are plug-and-play devices. Hosted software makes it simple to include new users while web portal allows easy changing, adding and moving of systems configurations.

10. Highly reliable:

The qualified Network Quality Manager can find this advanced technology to be highly flexible. If the office goes down resulting from lack of network, then it is possible to forward calls to various devices including mobile phones. No more will power outages and weather issues present risk to your business.

11. Scalability:

Business needs grow over time something that is taken care by this sophisticated technology. It supports your productivity and efficiency while being cost-effective.

With VoIP like Sendmycall phone systems installed, you can eliminate all issues surrounding traditional phone lines and pay only for what you use.

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