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Tips For Safe Construction

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Unfortunately, when it comes to the industry with the most fatalities, the construction industry is at the top of the list.

Working in this industry has many dangers that should not be dismissed. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a site manager or if you’re now getting started as an apprentice, everyone at the construction site has a duty to everyone’s safety.

In the last 5 years, 47% of deaths were within the construction industry and these deaths were due to falling from a height. We will now look at AHCI.co.uk top 5 guidelines to increase the safety of a construction site.

1. Each construction worker has to undergo thorough training

This may appear to be quite obvious, however, when things get busy or a project is lagging, it is quite easy to forget about training staff.

This training should include how to safely work at heights, how to safely use tools and various machines, fire training, health and safety training, scaffolding etc.

2. Make use of signs to show the dangers

Even though we are a safety sign manufacturer and may be biased with this point, signs are typically not thought of and are often overlooked.

However, signs are necessary to be in place where there are situations that pose a threat to safety and health according to the 1996 Health and Safety Regulations. With that said, these signs need to be used along with the necessary safety procedures and they should not be used in place of these procedures.

3. Good communication is important

Good communication is essential in every industry

Good communication is essential in every industry and could include signage, verbal communication, written communication etc. Every person working on the site needs to be constantly aware of the daily activities and goals. They also need to be informed of the various dangers.

In order to make sure safety is a priority throughout the entire day, it is a good idea to have a Site Safety Notice Board.

Do you require assistance with safety signs?

If you need help determining the best safety signs and where to place them, we have a knowledgeable team that can assist.

4. Equipment should be well maintained and suited for the jobs at hand

According to Anthony T Hincks, it is essential that you obtain and use the correct tools for every job. It is useless attempting to use a straw to eat a steak for example.

Also, when you use damaged equipment or even the wrong equipment for a job, this significantly increases the risk of someone getting injured. It is important to take the services of professional scaffolders Cambridge rather than trying to attempt it on your own. Even though this will require an investment to get the correct equipment, it will ensure that the job can be done safely, efficiently and to the best standard.

5. Everyone on site should wear the right PPE

The PPE sign may help everyone to wear their protective gear, there are some visitors and even employees who may require assistance with this. If there is PPE that is defective or needs replacement, make sure these are provided and can be accessed easily.

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