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Things You Need To Know About Applicant Tracking Systems

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Applicant tracking systems software provides hiring and recruiting tools. It helps the companies in hiring employees going through resumes in thousands. As you apply online for a job, it is not directly reaching a recruiter or the hiring manager. The ATS process is the first step. It involves a process, and it is best to know what are ATS and its working system.

What is Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

Applicant Tracking Systems is application software developed to handle the recruiting process electronically. This software sifts through resumes and verifies the best suitable fit for the job role. The resume process is the same as a recruiter; it looks for criteria to include it. Recruiters look for reasons to reject resumes; it may be spelling errors or lacking relevant skills. Searching for the keywords and accepting the job positions as per the keywords is the work of ATS.

How Applicant Tracking Systems are useful?

Applicant tracking systems save paper and time while they stay organized. Removing recruiters implies spending time on shredding and filing papers or deleting or moving emails. ATS deals with applications in thousands. With time, mid-sized and small companies start using them and track candidates having relevant information.

How does it work?

An ATS processes the resumes submitted and uses social media to find potential employees. Submitting a resume through ATS means it uses artificial intelligence to read the CV. It uses the keywords programmed and chosen by employers to choose candidates. The resume is sent to the next level when it has relevant keywords mentioned in the recruiting process.

The keywords may be experience and skills relating to the job. There may be an instruction to search the resume database and to find the right candidate. There are strong chances to detect the ATS even after submitting your resume.

Professional networking has a crucial role in the job hunt process. The social media presence helps the applicants understand the meaning of having a professional profile on social media. It is crucial to go through the database of a company. Using ATS, detecting your profile on social media is possible. Thus, it is best to incorporate basic details, such as professional, educational experience. The applicant tracking system should find it prominent.


Adjust your resume as per the job application. Make sure to check the resume to meet the specific job role and positions. It is noticeable by a keyword-seeking ATS or recruiter. Applying to any place implies you collect information online and go through profiles to fit in a team. It shows what Applicant Tracking System is.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (seo) designing and developing web pages

SEO has a vital role in getting the desired results. The process of search engine optimization helps in designing and developing web pages. The better the quality assures a higher ranking. A resume gets noticed by getting possible keywords. These keywords may be related to experience and skills, alternative job titles, former companies’ locations, preferred education institutions, etc.

Avoid blunders

Searching for ATS keywords implies looking for accurate and specific details with a CV. The possibility is strong if the keywords are matching the ones in your resume. The ATS’s role is to find the candidates matching the job positions through the keywords. ATS makes this decision only relying on the keywords your resume should have. The decisions of humans rely on keywords and their random judgment.

Keep your resume ATS-friendly

Applicant tracking systems software sorts the resumes. ATS using companies manage the hiring process initial steps. To clear the first step in ATS, keep your CV ready to read for a human eye and an ATS. Use basic fonts and keep the resume readable. Highlight only basic data such as phone, name, and email address. Keep the resume comprehensive and short to get the gist at a glance.

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