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The Best Tech for 2022

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The tech world changes like the minute hand on a clock because there is always news about the launch of a new gadget. And the year 2022 is set to have all of it because there is a lot to expect this year. So if you are looking to keep yourself updated with the latest news from the world of tech, the following list is what you need to explore.

1. Sony Linkbuds 

If you believe that Sony was missing out on all the action, you need to look at what’s coming. Sony Linkbuds are on the way and they are bound to come in with some of the best features. While earphones commonly feature touch control, the one in Sony adds a little charm to the mix.

Upon wearing it, you can tap the skin of your ear to control the volume and also adjust it to match the current environment. Thanks to its design, you will also be aware of your surroundings while using it.

So whether you are listening to the music of your choice or playing slot games like rainbow riches slot, these buds will be the right deal.

2. Samsung M8 Smart Monitor 

Samsung m8 smart monitor 

There’s no stopping Samsung. Not this year, not in the next decade. The South Korean tech giant is coming with a lot of surprises for 2022 with the first one being the Samsung M8 Smart Monitor.

Barring its similarity with Apple’s iMacs, the monitor has a lot to offer, especially since it can also be used as a TV. It comes with all major streaming platforms, which makes life easier because you get to choose from a ton of options.

The inclusion of DEX is another to acknowledge as it helps you connect your Samsung smartphone to the computer.

3. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

Foldable smartphones might not have had the reception that it deserves but the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 might change all of that. Coming in with a 120Hz display and plenty of RAM, this smartphone is sure to rattle the market.

It also has a small screen on the back, which makes it ideal to read notifications even when the phone is shut. Thanks to its waterproof feature, it can also be viewed as a safe choice as you go about exploring all that it has to offer.

4. Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4

Smartwatches might have captured the market but an experienced brand like Tag Heuer has something else to offer. It brings in the Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4, which is a combination of a smartwatch and a classy device.

The watch comes with 7-minute workouts and uses animations and notifications for the same. You also have the option to choose upper, lower and full-body exercises, making it a complete device for your workout routine.

5. Mac Studio 

If you are a video editor or a 3D designer, you will want to get your hands on the Mac Studio. As a small desktop computer, it offers a high amount of power and brings something different to the table.

While its price might be the least attractive component, you will be paying for its features, which are a lot. Apart from all of that, purchasing this device could also push your computer’s processing power and in doing so, you would have made the perfect investment.

As an interesting addition to the Apple catalogue, the Mac Studio does bring in the charm and targets its customer base.

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