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With time, diversity in artistic representation has become paramount in the modern art industry. Everywhere, from television, film, and literature, we see a growing trend of representing cultures hitherto marginalized. One of the major ethnic groups to have received more representation in recent memory is African Americans. To contribute to this burgeoning niche in the art industry, the Black Diamond Authority LLC we will talk about is specifically dedicated to just such a cause.

It is determined to help African Americans, Latin Americans, and other minorities worldwide express their voice and their human experiences. The Black Diamond Authority is an art studio, the means it uses to influence and contribute to the art community

Serving with obsessive attention to customer experience, the services provided span such art forms as commission artwork, comic book studios, and art classes.

The Black Diamond Authority, solitary founder, Amos Hobson, recognized the high demand for its service in the art community and went into business on July 7th, 2020. The incident that got him started was the spreading influence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because of the pandemic, the youth in Amos Hobson’s community suffered from rampant negativity caused by isolation and confinement. To mitigate this undesirable phenomenon, Amos Hobson founded the Art Studios without any internal or external funding. From the start, his ambition was to elevate the passion for art in Bastrop County.

The founder’s journey is filled with traces of the successful venture that turned out to be. Equipped with over nine years of experience in executive management for corporations with equities and assets of millions of dollars, Amos Hobson was firmly grounded in business practices before starting his own venture.

Relying on his black belt Six Sigma certificate, he learned the art and science of creating and expanding automated companies in multiple industries. This allowed him to open five such companies that soon blossomed and became successful. To add to his repertoire, he acquired crucial skills in the niche of Information Technology after practicing skills such as those needed in hardware and a cloud knowledge of intermediate skill sets.

These credentials allowed him to prosper in the posts he held at significant companies over the years. But outside of business, Amos Hobson is an expert in martial arts, having indulged in athletic activity for over twenty years, practicing it on international forums, and winning trophies.

This opportunity allowed him to form a social network that played a crucial role later on, not to mention the following he received due to his tremendous martial arts skills.

By employing the uplifting power of art events and content on positivity, Amos Hobson’s vision was to benefit the destitute, marginalized, and less fortunate communities. especially by destabilizing prejudices and unjust stereotypes prevalent in popular culture.

Thus, all the companies founded by Amos Hobson aim to eliminate poverty and boost morale for minority communities by creating job opportunities and spreading positivity.

Amos hobson black

In modern life, the work of artists is prevalent everywhere. From book cover designs to business catalogs, logos, posters, pamphlets, restaurant menus, comic books, graphic novels, and many others, artistic skills are required by all and sundry. Their customers appreciate this fact and are willing to contribute to a prosperous society by supporting artists. Such people make up the majority of customers.

Of course, those interested in the company’s work can express their support by checking out the founder’s own artistic work. Moreover, promotion is done chiefly by spreading positive word of mouth and the promotional content available on YouTube, Twitter, and Patron. Customers and those who can relate to this venture’s importance can show their support by following this content and putting a good word out for the work done.

So, to break even, they need to hold sales and marketing events to enhance its revenues. This can be achieved through generous donations by those who believe in the vision crafted by Amos Hobson. Hence, they are not looking for investments for the time being but donations.

Message for present and potential customers:

Your support will allow hitherto unheard voices to be heard. By supporting our Black Diamond Authority, you will enable artists without platforms to avail several opportunities. Our services can be put into three main categories: Art commission, Art classes, and Comic Books.

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