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Some Popular Types of Tarps That You Should Be Aware of

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There are various types of tarps available in the market. Tarps can be categorized based on the material used for making them and the intended purpose.

In this article, we will be talking about some popular types of tarps that you should be aware of.

Mesh Tarp

Mesh tarps are available in multiple colors and sizes. Mesh tarps allow the sunlight, air, and moisture to pass through them. They are generally made of breathable materials. Mesh tarps come with grommets at their base enabling you to tie them down. Mesh tarps can block the harmful radiation of the sun. Mesh tarps that have a vinyl coating block up to 50 percent of the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. Polyester-coated tarps can block more than 90 percent of the UV rays. But compared to these two, polypropylene-coated mesh tarps are the most effective as they can block up to 95 percent of the UV radiations. The tiny holes in between the fabric threads in the mesh tarps make them a bit unsuitable to use during windy weather but these holes play an important role in hauling gravel and sand in a truck. Mesh tarps can be used as pool covers, for covering trucks carrying lightweight materials, protecting plants, etc.

Mesh tarp

Canvas Tarps

Heaviness and robustness are the prominent features for which canvass tarps are well-known. To make it water-resistant, canvas tarps are generally coated with wax which requires to be applied periodically to maintain its resistance against water. Canvas tarps are of two types treated and untreated. Treated canvas is effective against water, mold, UV rays, etc. whereas untreated canvas is only effective against water. Canvas tarps are used of protecting furniture at the time of indoor painting.

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Poly Tarps

Poly tarps are made of polythene of either high or low density. Low-density poly tarps have a low poly coating and are lighter in weight. High-density poly tarps have a higher mesh count and a thick poly coating. Low-density poly tarps are for short-term uses whereas high-density poly tarps are for long-term uses. They are mainly used to protect objects from the prolonged exposure to the sun. Remember that poly tarps are not suitable to use for items that require breathability. Poly tarps are used to prevent soil and gravel to slip into the truck bed, as a temporary shelter, to protect wooden floors, etc.

Vinyl Tarps

Vinyl tarps

Vinyl tarps are poly tarps consisting of a coating of vinyl on them. This coating provides them strength to resist wear and tear making them a good option for industrial use. They are extremely durable to heavy rain, heat, snow, etc. Vinyl tarps are thick compared to other tarps and thus are more resistant to abrasion, mildew, grease, acids, etc. According to corrosionpedia, vinyl coating makes the material flame resistant, UV resistant, weather, and moisture resistant, etc.


These are the 4 popular types of tarps available in the market. Tarps are useful for protecting your objects from various elements of weather and enhance their lifespan.

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