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SEO Backlinks: Why Are They Important And How Do They Work?

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Search engine optimization (SEO) will forever be a big deal if you operate in the digital space. The simple reason is because of the amount of competition online. We can thank the internet for opening up possibilities as we would never have imagined.

One significant contribution is leveling the playing field for awareness generation. Take a look back at the pre-internet days. Financial might would determine who would get the most exposure.

A brand’s ability to spend money on marketing and advertising was the deciding factor. Such companies would dominate peak or prime spots in analog media. For lack of alternatives, the audiences would have to consume such communication.

But now, even a startup with no money can get visibility on digital platforms. Indeed with a solid digital marketing plan, the potential is limitless. Websites and social media are robust, flexible platforms. Tactics like content generation and backlink building can increase exposure without significant spending.

Marketers will use at most 10% of their marketing budget for backlinking. But therein lies the challenge. A staggering 94% of Internet content will never get a backlink. And 41% of companies have a significant challenge with backlinking.

There is the option of backlinks buying. But you must be able to fork out as much as $1000 each. A good option is to use the services of a link building consultant. That way, you get their expertise in professional link building.

So, what are SEO backlinks, why are they important, and how do they work? We will provide answers to all these and more in our article.

SEO Backlinks: What Are They and How Do They Work?

SEO backlinks are inbound or incoming links that redirect users from one site to another. Allow us to make this definition a little clearer. Let’s say you send an article to Forbes for publication. Within the article, you link your website to an anchor text. When readers click the link, it brings them back to your website.

Do take note of the two types of backlinks.

  • Do follow backlinks pass the origin site’s authority or link juice to the destination site. This helps with domain ratings, domain authority, and keyword ranking.
  • No-follow backlinks do not pass authority to the linking website. They may not have any specific value for SEO. But, they can still help generate traffic to your website.

There are different ways to get backlinks. These include

  • High-quality content like original research and guest posting are fantastic for organic link building.
  • Backlink outreach which entails targeting many websites to share your link
  • Approach partners, suppliers, or influences for backlinks
  • Use PR tactics like sharing content with the media. Consider joining platforms like HARO (Help a Reporter Out). You will get backlinks if they mention you as a source of information.
  • Mine for broken links
  • Outsource to link building consultants
  • Duplicate what more established competitors are doing.

Should You Buy Backlinks?

Should you buy backlinks domain authority

Many brands struggle with whether they should buy backlinks. The answer is a resounding yes. It is an effective SEO link building tool that will give you excellent ROI.

The returns take the form of increased ranking, better visibility, and more revenue. Also, the brand gets a competitive advantage. And that’s not all. You will also save much time in your link building SEO strategy implementation. Finally, please don’t feel bad about it. Your competitors are also buying backlinks.

Is It Legal to Buy Backlinks

The legality of buying backlinks is another issue that plagues the mind of many people. After all, Google is pretty clear about black hat SEO practices. You can incur stiff penalties if the search engine considers it link building scheme. Indeed, familiarize yourself with the Google Webmaster Guidelines to stay safe.

Well, you can buy backlinks without breaking Google rules. The only caveat is that the linking website must show the backlink as sponsored.

Factors to Consider For Good Quality Backlinks

There are specific considerations in coming up with good-quality backlinks. Let’s explore some of them.


Do check that the content you want to backlink is relevant. You can’t be selling baby products and linking to an architectural website. That will signal to the search engines that you may be using underhand tactics to get backlinks. It may even consider your SEO backlink tactics spammy.

Domain Authority

The site you are linking to should be with high authority. It should have achieved a high level of trustworthiness. You can check the domain authority with tools like SEMRush, Moz, and Ahrefs. If many reputable websites link to your site, it increases your domain authority.

High Link Visibility

Focus on the link placement within the article. Many website users will not spend too much time reading content. So, try for top or mid-level placement for higher chances of people clicking on the link.

Anchor Text

The anchor text must be relevant to the topic. The anchor text represents the site URL and will highlight in blue when you hyperlink. Use keywords that best represent what the audiences use when searching for info.

So, let’s say you are writing about buying backlinks. Then it makes sense to have the anchor text as buy backlinks, how to buy backlinks or where to buy backlinks.


There is no point in backlinking if you do not increase website traffic. That means you should check that the linking website has high amounts of traffic.

No-Follow Vs. Follow Backlinks

As we already stated, no follow backlinks may not have any impact when it comes to rankings. But they will not harm your SEO efforts either. Indeed they can be an excellent way to bring traffic to your site. So, do not dismiss their value completely. But your best bet lies in do-follow backlinks.

Link Numbers

Getting many links on a page may seem like the best thing. But the sad truth you may not know is that it can be counterproductive. It is better to have one link in a prominent position. It increases the chances of an online visitor clicking on the link.

Benefits of SEO Backlinks

Benefits of seo backlinks solid digital marketing

High Traffic to Your Website

Let’s go back to the Forbes example above. Every person who reads the Forbes article and clicks on the link will land on your website. A high authority website like Forbes has thousands or even millions of readers. The chances of a significant amount of that traffic coming to your website increase.

Backlinks Are a Vote Of Confidence

A backlink from another site is like a vote or endorsement. Indeed, the search engine giant Google sees it as such. At this point, you have seen our emphasis on high-authority websites. A backlink from such a site is a critical endorsement.

Think about it this way. Would a site like Forbes sully its reputation by linking to a low-authority website? It takes years and effort to build a good reputation? So the same effort would go into protecting its good name.

Better Rankings with Quality Links

In the introduction, we talked about companies struggling with link building. The truth is organic ink building can be tough. You can spend hours slaving away producing good content. Yet, there will be little in ROI.

Remember, a staggering 94% of internet content gets no links. Consider outsourcing the work to a link building agency if you are struggling. Other than organic link building tactics, the experts know how to buy backlinks. Most importantly, they know where to buy backlinks that generate good rankings.

Many high-authority websites linking to your site are a critical ranking factor. The search engine will credit organic links back to your website.

Google will also pick your website for displaying in the SERP results. The higher your search engine ranking, the greater your visibility. The greater the visibility, the higher the chances of audiences clicking on your site.

New Audience Targeting With Quality Backlinks

As we said, achieving good rankings will increase your visibility. What you may not know is that the first results page takes up 95% of web traffic. That leaves a paltry 5% for the second page onwards. Organic link building and buying backlinks will push you to the top search results.

Final Thoughts

SEO can be challenging, but the results are worth the effort. Backlinks are an excellent way to increase visibility with better rankings. That will result in more website traffic, which has tons of benefits.

We have highlighted salient points to note about SEO backlink building. By now, it is pretty clear that the process can be quite challenging. Organic link building is quite complex and can take a lot of time and, of course, effort.

One solution is to outsource the work to a link building consultant. You let the experts handle the job as it is their specialization.

Another excellent way lies in buying backlinks. As we shared, please familiarize yourself with the Google Webmaster guidelines. You may think buying backlinks is as simple as exchanging money for a link. Yet, that could incur stiff penalties that you may find hard to overcome.

Your link building agency can walk you through how to go about buying backlinks. Good luck with your SEO backlink strategies. One thing for sure is that if you do it well, you can expect excellent ROI.

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Name: Daniel Martin

Bio: Dan has hands-on experience in digital marketing since 2007. Creating winning content teams is Daniel Martin’s passion. He has built high-performance teams that have produced engaging content enjoyed by millions of people. In addition to playing ping pong and photography, Dani loves to travel.


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Seo backlink why are they important and how do they work


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