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Sell more on Amazon with these 5 easy tips!

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Amazon sellers and vendors have a lot of competition, there are over 200,000 sellers in the UK alone! This is why, if you want to appear higher on Amazon’s results pages and sell more, you should optimize your product listings. Also, you can seek the advice from the top branding agencies such as UHL Nation.

Here are five simple tips to help your products get seen on Amazon.

1. Competitor research

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, the same applies for business. Take the top ranking products in your product’s categories and note the keywords used. Focus on the product title and description.

You can then use these keywords in a tool to find related terms and questions relevant to the term to form your own product’s content.

Competitor research amazon sellers

2. Predictive searches on Amazon

Another great place to look for keywords is Amazon’s predictive search suggestions. Just as you get suggested searches with Google, Amazon will try and guess what you are looking for as you are typing in a keyword.

Start with some key terms related to your business and then take note of what amazon is suggesting for each.

For example, if you sell “garden gnomes”, you would type this into the Amazon search bar and be presented with results which include:

  • Garden gnomes funny
  • Garden gnomes large
  • Garden gnomes ornaments outdoor
  • Garden gnomes fishing

You can then include these keywords in your own product pages in order to prove relevance to Amazon and rank higher in their results pages.

3. Prioritise keywords

Once you have gathered a set of keywords you will need to determine which will be the most effective at helping you achieve your end goal.

Focusing on high search volume keywords with little competition is the best case scenario, the keywords receive a lot of user searches but competitors not currently fighting for the same space means there is a higher probability of ranking for them quicker.

High volume, high competition keywords are the trickiest to target, but should not be ignored. As more people optimize for these keywords it dilutes the power the competitors have in this space, meaning their hold on high ranking positions becomes weaker.

Thirdly, the moderate search volume, no competition. These keywords on their own aren’t going to move the needle massively, but together the search volumes add up and with no competition they will be quicker wins.

To discover search volumes and how competitive keywords are, you’ll need to use an Amazon Keyword Research tool. These can be free, or paid for through a subscription model. Alternatively you can enlist the help of an Amazon Vendor Agency to do this for a small project fee for you as and when you need it.

4. Be consistent

As with anything digital, nothing stays the same for too long. This means that keyword research is not a task you can just tick off your to-do list after doing it once. An effective keyword strategy will be on-going.

Keep watching your competitors and any new players in the space. Observe how your listings are performing and make adjustments. Look out for any new, high-traffic terms that consumers may be using in the category in which your products sit in.

5. Set up Google Alerts

With platforms such as TikTok and Instagram creating new trends every day, it is a good idea to set up Google alerts for the type of product you are selling.

Going back to the example of garden gnomes, if a celebrity is seen with a gnome in their garden you may be able to jump on this trend and incorporate it into your product listings in some way.

Similarly, if there is a trending aesthetic on TikTok or due to a television series you can utilize this and include on-trend keywords in your listing too. Such as what Bridgerton has done with Regencycore and subsequently, four-poster beds.

For more tips for Amazon Sellers and Amazon Vendors, visit the Arthia.co.uk knowledge centre.

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