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Reasons Why More Businesses Are Making Use Of A Mass Text Messaging Service

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It has been continuously proven that consumers respond more favourably to communication and marketing channels that encourage direct personal interconnections such as text messaging. More business owners today are open to the idea of shifting their focus to text messaging as a means of communication due to the open rates and using this channel as a mobile marketing tool.


Text messaging for business use has proven to be a more effective and contemporary method of advertising, generating leads and handling sales. Businesses such as financial institutions, retail outlets, banks, consumer brands, congregations and even schools are using text messaging to their benefit.

By making use of a mass text messaging service, businesses can instantly send large volumes of information to their intended audience through a text message. Since this service enables an effective way of communicating with individuals that as mobile phones it is a great way to acquire and retain customers.

Expanding Your Horizons

This service can add value to your business as it requires little human resources, current resources and budget and is a cost-effective option. You can make our contact list more feasible by reaching out to a larger and more distinct group of individuals through bulk text messaging.

Bulk SMS can productively double sales rates, delivering customer satisfaction while providing a unique influence on the market in general.

Multi-purpose Solution

Apart from the mobile marketing option, businesses can also benefit from using mass text messaging, as this service also offers the following purposes:

  • Exchanging and sharing useful information with customers and your staff.
  • Sharing news and updates relevant to your services.
  • Generation of leads.
  • Sending of important alerts, confirmation of payment and sending reminders.
  • Sending personalised special offers, special greetings (birthday & holiday) and campaigns to end-users.

How Does Bulk Text Messaging Work?

Mass text messaging services

Most mass text messaging services operate through these three API’s (Application Programming Interfaces).

  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
  • Short message peer to peer (SMPP)
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

This service makes use of the internet and not a mobile phone as some may believe. A mobile phone can’t handle such a large volume of messages at once plus most SMS carriers do not allow the sending out of promotional or profit-making SMS’s at such a scale.

Generally, when you obtain the assistance of a company that provides a bulk SMS service, you will need to create an account or sign up on the bulk texting platform of your choosing. It is essential to have a database for volume SMS’s since a bulk SMS texting service is permission based.

A helpful tip is to use shortcodes or keywords to entice people to subscribe to your text message campaigns. For example, words such as “DISCOUNT”, “UPGRADE” or “SPECIALS”. The shorter and less complicated your codes are, the better your chances will be of gaining more recipients.


When done correctly, making use of mass texting can help you with creating brand awareness and familiarity long-term, as it gives you a higher likelihood of brand loyalty when it comes to your target audience.

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