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Niche Marketing Trends To Watch Out For

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Most large markets evolve from niche markets, that’s because niche marketing teaches (businesses) to think of customers as individuals and to respond to their special needs,” reports the Harvard Business Review. Niche marketing offers businesses an array of benefits beyond the range of mass marketing. These include discovering your customers’ needs, pastimes and trends; greater brand relevance; and strong opportunities for leadership in your sector. If you’re ready to take your marketing efforts to a higher level, the following trends may be of help.

Conversational Commerce

Conversational commerce’ is the buzzword of the year, and it essentially involves the creation of conversations between businesses and their customers. For niche marketing to succeed, customers should feel connected to a brand that knows their demands, wishes and activities deeply. Currently, around 83% of users contact businesses for more information about their products and services, and 76% contact businesses for support with purchases. One way to demonstrate this knowledge is through conversations via direct chats, DMs on social media, comments, and messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Shopify ping.

Combining PPC And Niche Marketing

PPC can be a fantastic tool for niche marketing, since over 85% of consumers use the Internet to search for local businesses, and brand awareness is increased by up to 80% via paid ads on Google. To optimize PPC for a niche, marketing strategists are working on creating a greater awareness about a company’s products and services via ads, utilizing tactics such as video demonstrations and blogs. PPC ads are also aiming to create interest in products via free demonstrations, special prizes, tutorials, and other attractive features. The legal sector is just one industry that is using PPC to aim its services at niches. For a lawyer PPC needs to adhere to specific principles in order to work. These include payment only for high-intent visits (i.e. paying for campaigns that actively target users who are likely to need a firm’s services), measuring ad performance through keyword performance and bidding strategy analytics; and continuous updating of campaigns to match Google’s changing algorithms.

Combining ppc and niche marketing niche marketing

AI For Customer-Centric Content

AI-driven platforms capture real-time data about your customers, helping you to understand their changing needs and new interests as they arise. Tools like Personyze, Granify, and OneSpot all use machine learning to personalize engagement with customers. AI can help marketing teams find dynamic, pertinent content for blogs and other types of content, using predictive analysis to gauge your readers’ reactions towards specific subjects. It also uses competitive analysis to see the extent to which these subjects are worth expanding on. It can also help you to understand what type of content (reports, financial reports, descriptions, product related content, etc.) are most likely to be consumed by your audience.

Niche marketing enables businesses to grow and thrive, even in industries with a large number of players. Top trends dominating this strategy include conversational commerce, combined PPC and niche marketing tactics, and AI. Because the success of niche marketing depends so strongly on customers’ changing needs, predictive tools are key when it comes to keeping businesses updated and ready to make required changes and adaptations.

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