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Important Points to help you stay Safe and Secure online

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Malware, viruses, and scams are all over the place. All of a sudden, the internet has turned into one of the most dangerous places on earth. In fact, the number of hacks happening is increasing on a daily basis. The world has seen many threats, but nothing can compare with the risk imposed by the online platform. This is why you need to stay safe and secure online. With this being said, here are a few tips to help you increase your safety quotient.

The passwords!

To begin with, your passwords need to be complicated. You cannot choose common, predictable terms like your name, date of birth, or favorite color. These will increase the chances of someone opening your account with ease. When you stick to unique and more complicated passwords, the chances of your information staying safe increase. This is very important for crucial accounts that contain your finances and personal information.

Many times, people shun complicated passwords because they are difficult to remember. If this is your only problem, you can choose to work with a password manager.

Network security

Vpn will help you connect safely

Next, you need to ensure that all your logins are well protected. The connections used to access the internet should be both safe and secure. Whether you are working from home, or from a public location, the connection has to be verified. For instance, ensure that the router is password-protected. Also, you need to consider using a virtual private network for a secure connection. The VPN will help you connect safely from anywhere.


If you have not installed a firewall on your machine, now would be the best time.

By definition, a firewall is an electronic barrier that can prevent the chances of unauthorized access. There are many advanced and comprehensive programs to enable firewalls on your machine. With the Internet of Things getting more and more accessible, firewalls play a crucial role in any home.

Selective Sharing

The talk about safe and secure online access will be incomplete without selective sharing. When you have the freedom to share everything about your personal information on the internet – think twice. Do you really have to post that picture? Does the world need to know what you are doing? Are those likes and share-worthy? Always be cautious about the information you post on public platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Never risk being safe and secure, for a few shares, links, and comments!

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