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How will a virtual phone number benefit E-Business?

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In the wake of technological advancement, the world is undergoing rapid transformation. Everything is turning digital with scientific innovations and all the services and products are available within the touch of our fingers. As people got a taste of the digital industry, they started preferring digital services over the traditional services which demanded an individual’s physical presence. People started to prefer shopping from the comfort of their home and this has, in turn, forced businesses to turn online.

Lately, e-business has gained immense popularity and has become the new fad in the industry. Even though, this trend is gaining mass momentum, providing excellent services to online customers poses a huge challenge. A virtual phone number can help you with this cumbersome task.

A virtual phone number, with its multiple features, easy usability, and reasonable cost, can set up trustworthy customer support and an efficient communication point for your online business which will, in turn, let you stay ahead in this competitive e-business industry.

What are their benefits?

Lately, e-businesses are embracing virtual phone numbers to enhance their business. So, let us look at the reason for the increase in the use of virtual phone numbers in online business and how they are beneficial for online businesses.

Increases the customer’s trust in you

For any business to succeed and thrive they need to gain the support and trust of the customers. Unlike the traditional business where people are involved in direct physical dealings, trust becomes the most important factor for the success of an online business.

Since customers are not directly dealing with any dealers in online businesses, you need to prove that you are trustworthy for people to rely on you.

But, how to build trust? A virtual phone number can be the solution to this burning question. A virtual phone number will enhance the professional image of your online service and make it look more authentic. Customers prefer services that are approachable and listen to all their queries. When you have a virtual phone number, customers will feel that your service has a solid customer support system and will listen to all their concerns. Moreover, most of the virtual phone number services will provide toll-free or local business numbers, which will create an amicable and positive image that will help to earn the customer’s trust.

Provide excellent and flexible service experience

Providing a quality service experience is equally important as trust, for any business to succeed. Even though in both physical and online dealing, customer service and support are necessary, the scale becomes extremely high when it comes to e-business.

Generally, the physical stores will have a fixed time frame, and they won’t be providing any service beyond this timeframe. But in e-business, your customer can place an order at any point in time. You need to be ready to provide them with quality service to be in their good book. You have to be available 24/7.

With the help of the call forwarding facility offered by a virtual phone number, you can forward the customer’s call to another available employee and reduce the customer’s waiting time. The on-hold music and welcome message features of the virtual phone number will enhance the customer service experience.

A better understanding of your customer and speeding up the sale

A key to success in any online venture is to understand the customers better. Starting from their interests, concerns, and need, you need to know their demographic location to deliver/ provide your service.

A virtual phone number service like CallHippo can look into the call analytics report, which will help you to understand the customer’s needs. This will help to increase the sales and overall revenue of your e-business.

Enables the employees to work remotely and effectively

A virtual phone number will allow the employees to work remotely and efficiently. Even though the employees are from different parts of the countries, with its multi-faceted facilities, employees can connect, engage and effortlessly work as a single unit. Thus the employees need not be tied to a table and can work from any location.

Enables the employees to work remotely and effectively


As a virtual number does not need any wiring system or other telephonic system, you do not have to spend money on expensive hardware or other high-priced equipment. You will not have to spend money on maintenance or pay technicians.

Since, in a virtual phone system, you only need a secure internet connection, you don’t have to spend your money to set up an office. Instead, you can use the income for skilled employees and improve work efficiency.

Reduce dropped calls and increase pickup rate

One of the major issues faced by e-businesses is losing calls. If customers are not able to connect with you or if you are not picking up their calls, they will go for the next dealer. Thus you will lose customers.

With a virtual phone number, all the calls are routed. Also with the inbuilt features of identifying the customer’s geographic region, call forwarding, and real-time feedback options, you can increase the pickup rates and reduce the dropping of calls.

Having a robust communication system is the core of any e-businesses. So, choose the right virtual phone number to upgrade the communication system of your online business and increase your customer base.

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