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How to See Posts You Liked on Instagram? Step-By-Step Guide

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You may have recently opened an account on the popular social media platform ‘Instagram’. You may engage with others’ posted content and share videos and photos. This platform allows users to ‘like’ posts that they enjoy. Likes display appreciation for a particular post shared by others. Since its launch in 2010, the platform makers have been adding new, innovative features to make it more interesting for users. It includes Instagram Reels, shopping, Instagram Stories, etc.

More about Instagram

Users need to create an account on Instagram. Once done, you will have a news feed and profile similar to X (Twitter) or Facebook. Your profile shows your posted videos or photos. Your followers can see your posts, be they videos or photos, in their feeds. Similarly, you will be able to see your followers’ posts in your feed. This platform is indeed Facebook’s simplified version. The emphasis is more on visual sharing and mobile use. By following others, you may interact with them. You can like, comment, tag, message privately, and allow others to follow. You may even save photos that you come across on Instagram.

Devices that support Instagram

You can access this social platform on iOS and Android devices for free. It includes iPad, iPhone, Samsung, and Google tablets and phones, etc. To get started, you may download the Instagram app on your Android device or iOS. Instagram.com provides the opportunity to access the platform on the web.

Account creation

To use this platform, you have to first create an account for free. You may register using your email address or Facebook account. Enter your preferred username and a strong password. The platform enables you to change your email address anytime. During account creation, you will be prompted whether you desire to follow your Facebook friends on Instagram. You may either skip this process or click on it. Add a short bio, photo, name, and website link to personalise your profile to get started. Such details provide some information about you that people might want to know before following you.

Share Instagram posts

Share instagram posts

Make some edits after applying the optional filter. A tab appears where you can tag other users, fill out a caption, tag geographical locations, and post to other social networks. As it gets published, your followers may view it as well as interact in their feeds. If you desire to delete or edit it, tap the three dots present at the post’s top. You may even visit your profile.

Then tap Menu>Your Activity>Videos and Photos> Posts. Choose multiple photos for bulk deletion. Configuring your account enables you to share photos on other platforms. Highlighting such sharing configurations allows automatic posting of your content after selecting Share. In case you don’t want to share your photo on any network, tap one to make it gray and choose Off.

Publish and View Instagram stories

The Stories feature on Instagram is a secondary feed appearing on the main feed’s top part. It contains your followers’ photo bubbles. You may view any user’s stories or stories published in the last twenty-four hours. Simply tap a bubble. The platform’s Stories feature is similar to Snapchat.

From your main feed, tap the photo bubble to publish your story. You may even swipe any tab to the right to access the ‘Stories Camera’ tab. You can post videos and photos to your story or make additions to the story later. If you access X on your iOS device, then you may share any post on your Instagram story directly. Visit the post, select the Share icon under it, and then choose Instagram Stories.

Why view your liked posts?

While scrolling through your feed, you may desire to view posts that were liked by users in the past. A few reasons are cited below for having this urge:

1. Content curation:

Perhaps, you are eager to get your liked posts organized into collections. You may even plan to share them with others to showcase your style and interests.

2. Nostalgia:

Maybe you are feeling nostalgic and desire to visit content created and posted in the past.

3. Easy access:

You can easily find a post that you had liked earlier. You may share it with your followers or use it as a reference.

4. Security and Privacy:

You may desire to review all your posted content to ensure not have published some inappropriate content.

Step-by-step guide to view Liked posts

So, how to see liked posts on Instagram? This step-by-step guide can help you avail of valuable information.

1. Open Instagram App:

Open instagram app

Make sure you have the Instagram app on your Android or iOS device. Now, open it and log into the account by using your unique username and password. It will take you to the home page.

2. Access your Profile:

Go to the Profile icon and tap it. You will find this icon in the screen’s bottom-right corner. You can now access the Instagram Profile page.

3. Open Menu:

Seek ‘hamburger menu’ (three horizontal lines) on the Profile page. It will be on the screen’s top-right corner. Tap to access the menu.

4. Settings:

Click the menu and scroll down. You will come across the ‘Settings’ option. Tap to open the Settings page.

5. Enter ‘Account’:

The settings page has several options. To access account settings tap ‘Account’.

6. Identify posts you had Liked earlier:

Scroll down in your account settings seek the option ‘Posts you Liked’ and tap it.

7. Browse Liked posts:

In this section, you can view all posts that you had earlier liked on Instagram. Scroll through this feed and revisit liked posts.

Additional useful tips to follow

1. It could be that you desire to search for a post that you had Liked in the past. If so go to the top of the ‘Posts Liked’ Page and use the search bar present there to search your desired posts.

2. Organize all ‘Liked posts’ into collections. To do this, tap the bookmark icon present below the post to create a new collection.

3. You may desire to ‘Unlike’ some posts. In such a case, visit the post and tap on the heart icon present below it. This action will remove Like from this post, thus Unlocking it.

Thus, following the above steps, you can view your liked posts on Instagram.

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