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How to Ensure Your Cannabis Products Stay Fresh for Your Customers

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Finding the right cannabis is a complex task; it is even more challenging when they can’t stay fresh for weeks. Several elements determine the shelf life of cannabis, heat, air, humidity, light etc.

For you to ensure your cannabis hasn’t lost its flavors, and has a long shelf life, read this post.

Store in a Glass Jar and Cover with a Lid

Using a glass jar ensures your cannabis products stay fresh for an extended period; additionally, the glass jars are cheap and readily available. One thing about these glass jars is that they develop an air locked environment, where no air leaves or enters the jars. By doing this, cannabis will be free from microbial growth and external factors.

Store in a glass jar and cover with a lid cannabis products

It is essential to ensure that the glass jars are clean and don’t have any moisture because they sweat when they come into contact with air or water. Your cannabis will be fresh and be mold-free when you follow the above disclaimers.

Avoid Freezing

Freezing is one of the common mistakes people make with their cannabis in the name of preservation. It is essential to differentiate cannabis from fruits and vegetables.

Storing weed in the fridge might make it go rancid quickly. Most foodstuffs are stored in a refrigerator, meaning there will be frequent opening and closing. It leads to high chances of contamination from the external microbial surrounding.

Use Dark Containers

Dark containers tend to preserve your product’s freshness more than a transparent one. Cannabis is sensitive to light, so protect it if you want to stay fresh for long. This can be a useful tip when shipping cannabis, too.

It is essential to remember that cannabis is a natural product meaning it can easily undergo decay when exposed to vulnerable environmental factors.

Please Protect it from Heat and High Temperatures

The aromatic compounds significantly impact the flavor and the full color of the cannabis plant. Terpenes will start to boil immediately exposed to high temperatures, resulting in leaves curling and developing some yellow/brown spots. Whenever you see such signs, know that it’s a result of heat stress.

On the other hand, extreme low-temperature conditions interfere with the Trichomes forcing them to become brittle.

Weed strain reacts differently to climatic conditions. For example, Sativa can withstand the warm temperature, and Indica strain can survive in cooler conditions. According to the experts, storing weed temperatures of 70 degrees enhances the shelf life.

Avoid Organic Matter

There is a misconception whereby people tend to add veggies and fruits to the cannabis storage jar in the name of bud moisture regain. It is not correct; let your weed stay free from any form of organic addition.

If you are not ready to handle mold and mildew cases in your weed, stay away from the veggies and fruits.

Titanium Containers

For weed to have a long shelf life, there has to be a reduction in oxygen exposure, which is the core function of the titanium containers. You need to send out some amount to have them and get the best alternative to keep your weed.

The unique part of this container is that it can control what enters and leaves; it also curbs any unwanted elements. With titanium, your cannabis flavor is in the right hands.


If there is any compromise on the quality of your cannabis, then you may lose esteemed clients. Avoid all this and stand out among the best sellers by preserving your weed accordingly.

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