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How To Choose The Right Coworking Space That Promotes Productivity

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Coworking ideally involves sharing office space or desk with other workers. When working in such as environment, reducing destructions or obstructions that’ll hinder your workplace productivity should be your number one goal. It’s normal to form friendships with your coworkers, especially if you’ve been working together for a while.

However, you might lose focus without self-discipline and the motivation to fulfill the roles in your job description. It is especially true if you’re sharing the same space with coworkers who seem to have little determination at work.

Other factors like low-speed internet and uncomfortable furniture can also hinder your productivity. In this regard, here are some tips on how to choose a suitable coworking space for you or your employees that promotes productivity:

1. Go For An Accessible Place

One major factor you shouldn’t ignore when checking out different coworking spaces is their accessibility. You’d want to go for a working area within your vicinity, which you, your clients, or employees can access any time of the day.

People have different dispositions and preferences. You may be a morning or a night person. So, you must choose a coworking space that can accommodate you or your employees at whatever time of the day they feel most productive.

With this factor in mind, you can go for a place that operates 24/7 or during the hours you know you can optimize your working potential. It will enable you to plan your schedule well and enhance your flexibility.

The coworking space should also be accessible in terms of transport. It should be where you can catch a public means, walk or grab a taxi to get to or from the workplace. It’s best to shun spaces you’ll struggle to access if you don’t have a private vehicle.

2. Choose A Favorable Environment

The environment of the coworking space that you’re working in determines whether or not you’re going to be productive. Some of the environmental factors that you need to consider in the workplace include:

  • Temperature
  • Lighting
  • Air Quality
  • Noise

These factors must be favorable because they’ll affect your perception, behavior, and overall motivation. Thus, when you visit different coworking spaces before you make a choice, ensure that you’re comfortable with all its environmental conditions.

For instance, if you know that you’re least productive in areas that are too hot, then it’s best to avoid choosing an office in a location with scorching temperatures.

3. Confirm Whether There Are Necessary Amenities

When choosing a coworking space, you must confirm whether that place has all the necessary resources and facilities to enhance productivity. Ideally, any coworking space should have:

Confirm whether there are necessary amenities coworking space

  • Comfortable and standard office furniture
  • Meeting rooms
  • Office equipment like printers
  • Call areas or phone booths
  • Ample parking space

These amenities will help you avoid the hassle of moving from one building to another to try and outsource some of them. You may also need other facilities like:

  • A kitchen
  • A Cafeteria
  • An Office coffee station
  • A private space
  • A whiteboard
  • Projectors
  • Video monitors
  • Any entertainment facilities

Thus, it’s fundamental that you consult with the coworking space management to confirm whether all these resources are there and whether they can add them if they’re unavailable. Fundamentally, you need to choose a coworking space with all the necessary amenities to help enhance your and your worker’s productivity.

4. Go For A Place With Fast Internet Connectivity

One thing that can demotivate and dishearten you while working is low internet speed. It is especially true if you’re supposed to meet a deadline or at a big virtual meeting and suddenly start experiencing connectivity issues.

To avoid getting yourself in such a situation, ensure that the coworking space has a reliable and stable internet connection. One common thing about such areas is that the owners have likely invested in up-to-speed Wi-Fi.

However, it would be best to test the connectivity yourself before you decide to work in a particular space. Once you’ve confirmed that connectivity is good, you can settle on that space.

5. Select A Space With Tight Security

You need to choose a coworking space famous for being safe with little to no track record of criminal activities. It will not only give you peace of mind but also help increase your clients’ and staff members’ confidence when meeting you since no one would want to visit a dangerous space.

A secure office space will also reduce the hassle of carrying your laptop or items from place to place, for example, when going to the washroom or leaving for lunch. Also, you’d want to work where you can leave early in the morning or late at night without being scared. Some security features to look for in a building include:

  • Security guards
  • CCTV cameras
  • Fire alarms
  • Metal detectors
  • Security checkpoints at the exit and entry
  • Intruder alarms

Be sure to confirm with the coworking space management about some of their security policies before you choose the place. Once you’ve done that, you can be mentally settled, which translates to enhanced productivity when working.


One thing that you need to have in mind when choosing a coworking space is that you’ll be sharing the room or office with other people. Some things you need to consider to help boost your productivity include the environment, workplace accessibility, security, and availability of essential amenities. As long as you’re comfortable in your working area, there’s a high chance that you’ll be motivated to maximize your potential. Consequently, it can help you achieve your work goals in the long run.

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