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How to Become a Salesforce Developer?

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It could be that you are interested in learning how to become a Salesforce developer. There are several steps that you need to follow to become a successful Salesforce developer.

How to become a salesforce developer: 8 steps to follow

1. Make Salesforce personal:

Use Salesforce to meet your personal needs. Personalizing and navigating Salesforce.org can become easy and natural, similar to your iPhone’s settings. Can you track your job applications using this tool? Each job application can be considered an opportunity you wish to close. The applied company can be referred to as the ‘Account’, while the people working with the company are the ‘Contacts’. Your activity task may also include monitoring your visits to the mechanic or doctor. Can you use process builders, workflows, triggers for automating things, etc.? With more features used, you are likely to find quite easier.

2. Strong Salesforce Admin:

You need to put in your effort for about three months to study and qualify for the given-below certifications:

    • Service Cloud Consultant
    • Sales Cloud Consultant
    • Salesforce Certified App Builder
    • Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator
    • Salesforce Certified Administrator

3. Qualify Scrum Master Certification:

As you join a project, it becomes essential to understand the key terms involved in the agile project. It includes stand-up meetings, sprints, backlogs, etc. Simply by studying for two days, you can earn this certification by visiting Scrum.org. It is an open-book exam that can decorate your resume.

4. Qualify PDI (Platform Developer) Certification:

Qualifying this certification program allows you to make up for a lack of experience. Some exam material may be out of date as it focuses primarily on Visualforce. Qualifying this Certification program showcases your learning tenacity.

5. Salesforce StackExchange:

It allows the crowdsourcing community’s assistance on specific Developer questions. The questions present on the forum might not match your expertise. But still, you should bookmark it and log in at least once weekly to ask a relevant question. This will help earn 100 reputation points.

6. Be part of the Local Salesforce Developer group:

This is another way you can learn how to become a Salesforce developer. Salesforce Trailblazer Community has a large number of experienced developers. They can guide and inspire you to do better. You can develop a local friend network by attending the Trailblazer Community Group. Get to know their journey and how they landed their initial job. Also, get to know their learning Apex. You can also find recruiters visiting Developer meetups. Hence, it is a wonderful opportunity to know the available local opportunities.

7. Apply for jobs, track mistakes:

Track all interviews you gave in personal Salesforce.org. Create an Opportunity record for each interview. Record all your asked questions in Activity activity-related list. It should also include the mistakes you probably have committed and how to do much better. Coding interviews are an objective process. It allows you to identify your weaknesses and gaps. Thus, you can use Googling, community trends, or Trailhead to do better in the next interview. Focus on poorly answered questions. Practice those answers to get better at it. Track mistakes and derive incremental improvements.

Coding interviews salesforce developer

8. Identify Technical Mentor:

Writing codes can be a challenging task. You need to have a coding or IT background to excel in it. Most coding concepts can be quite difficult, not making much sense. You need to survive for the initial six months and get used to Salesforce, LWCs, and Apex. Being an aspiring Developer, your task is to identify a good technical mentor who can help you to know how to overcome obstacles. You can also get to know the mistakes committed in your code and tips to achieve better or higher code coverage or debug your code.

Following the above steps can help you to know how to become a salesforce developer.

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