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How to Become a Digital Project Manager (DPM)

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Digital technology is enveloping the entire world and there is so much online that nothing can go on without a digital project manager. Using digital tools allows to accomplish project activities, leverage skills, knowledge and to attain project goals.

What is a digital project manager?

A digital project manager is responsible for strategizing, scoping, managing, executing, and delivering projects with their organization or clients. A digital project manager also does technical work hands-on such as front-end development and user experience testing. The digital project manager’s demand is booming as more organizations are shifting to digital from traditional.

Skills required for Digital Project Marketers

1. Copywriting & Editing

A DPM is a marketing position. It is a must to have good writing and editing skills. Digital project marketers need to do some copywriting, no matter how big your team is. Time is the essence, regardless of the projects one is managing. There is a need to take a proofread of contents. Communicating efficiently with vendors and client’s offers the ability of writing concise and clear emails. Finally, there is a need to understand content practices and good design to connect designers and writers.

2. Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & analytics digital project manager dpm

Digital project managers should collect and interpret data. The DPMs must learn navigating Google Analytics. It is a step-by-step guide that is available online for free. It is a way of learning to use the analytics tools and to earn industry credibility, becoming certified is helpful.

3. Problem-solving

The key part of everyday activities for a DPM is problem-solving. The role includes project management jobs, such as budget tracking, timeline planning, and scope management. It also features responsibilities to sit with product managers such as testing and feature planning. Every day is a new day and one should be prepared to solve plenty of problems.

4. Negotiation Skills

A project manager skill is in meeting deadlines. It is to work with external vendors, internal teams, and clients to manage scope changes and control deadlines. DPMs require negotiating rates, timelines, expectations, and contracts.

5. Social Media

In the world of marketing arguably everyone must-have social media knowledge. Specifically, the digital project manager must understand the limitations of content on each platform of social media. They should learn to use the tools of social media that includes publishing platforms such as Hootsuite and also Simply Measured, the analytics platforms.

6. Attention to Detail

Knowing what is a digital project manager means to have an eye open for every detail. Project managers must not give a yes without giving their last look. It is to look for links that are flawed or not working or even spelling errors.

7. FTP

FTP is the file transfer protocol used by many companies to connect to local servers and file systems online. People know to use Dropbox and other public cloud sharing services, but having FTP knowledge is crucial for any project manager. If a company is not using an FTP to share files, yet, learning it will be advantageous. There may be some vendors you are working with using FTP. A few FTP programs that are worth learning are Cyberduck, Zilla, and Transmit.


The two online languages are HTML/CSS. The ability of writing in HTML allows helping developers or designers in a pinch. Simple tasks include formatting text, adding text, and adding embedded videos. These take off the pressure for busy developers. Get started to learn HTML if you wish to become a Digital world is commonly heard now and it appears everything is digital. The digital reality is in shopping, banking and sharing photos online that a DPM is important.

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