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How Location-Based Marketing Can Help Your Business

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Marketing is important for the success of your business, but there are many ways to do this effectively. One way is targeting an audience in specific locations.

Finding your audience by location

Finding your audience by location is a great place to start with targeted marketing. As a business owner, your expertise may not be in analysing data, but that’s why you can get help from Mobsta. They can assist you with location data marketing, helping you understand your audience and build a campaign around them.

Finding your audience by location location-based marketing

To place location-specific ads

Whether you’re using digital or traditional marketing or a combination of these, knowing your audience’s location lets you advertise in specific places. For digital marketing, you can get your social media or blog posts seen by using hashtags or keywords relevant to the area. You can also talk about things which only people in that location will understand. 

For traditional marketing, you can target local newspapers to advertise in, and get support from other local businesses. For example, using a sports clothing shop to advertise a gym opening could work, because the gym will attract new members and some of those might use the sports shop to buy their gym clothes.

Choosing where to open new branches

If you want to expand your business to other locations, knowing where you already have an audience will give your new branch the best possible start. You can always build up a new customer base with the right marketing. However, having an audience already saves time and money, and encourages other people to find out more about you, if they see your business already has local people excited to purchase from you. 

Combined with other data, such as any similar businesses in the area, this will help you choose the location to expand to. You want to ensure there is a demand for your products and the local market isn’t over-saturated.

Encouraging your audience to share these details

It’s not always easy to get your audience to share their location with you. Privacy laws require their permission and many may choose to opt-out of sharing their location when asked. There are a few ways to encourage them. The most popular is a cash reward, which may seem expensive, but if you go through survey websites, you can also use these to find out more about their interests and formulate a plan to target your marketing to their location and interests.

Another way is by offering a prize draw entry in exchange for answering a few questions or offering a discount to all those who fill in a survey. As well as finding out details to help with your marketing strategy, this method also means they might look up your business to see if there is anything they want to use the discount on.

Location-based marketing goes a long way to help reach your audience and expand your customer base. It may not be as complicated as you think to make it work for you.

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