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From start-up to Forbes top-1000 growth company in just 36 months: The amazing journey of AiRo !

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AiRo Digital Labs: Ushering in the Digital Age of Healthcare, Pharma, and Life Sciences The following is based on an interview conducted by Tycoon Story Media of AiRo Digital Labs.

Q1) Tycoon story media: In a nutshell, how would you describe AiRo Digital Labs?

AiRo Digital Labs is the preferred Digital-enablement partner for industries such as Healthcare, Pharma, and Life Sciences. Operating from Chicago, Illinois, this global tech company provides services that allow the industries mentioned earlier to transform their operation mode. The name itself is an acronym for “Artificial Intelligence” and “Robotic Process Automation.” Aptly named, the company experts converge and apply advanced tech to allow their clients to reap all the benefits of digital innovation.

Additionally, services extend to employing other digitalization areas, including machine learning, cloud tech, and data sciences. With the unique IP-led ‘Digital 2.0 Accelerator Asset Library’, called AiRo Hub, at our disposal, the company has crafted a highly differentiated brand image, making it immediately recognizable by businesses worldwide. With over 200 custom prototypes in our repertoire, we can work efficiently to modify them to cater to every client’s unique requirements. Combined with this vast demo-ready prototype asset, we also offer a two-week-long Proof of Concept (POC) factory for our clients. In this timeframe, clients receive demonstrations of the financial viability of their specific digital experimentation.

Moreover, the POC factory helps businesses devise strategic plans to implement digital transformations in a short amount of time. For these reasons, in 2020, our company made it to the top five list of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) startups that had positively impacted the pharmaceutical industry. Also, we received recognition for our endeavors at the Chicago Innovation Awards in 2019.

Q2) What can you tell us about your founders and top-tier leadership?

The visionary CEO of the company, Dev Singh, spent years working in the tech and digital industries. Drawing on his enormous experience, Dev Singh founded AiRo Digital Labs with the ambition of propagating the marvels of digitalization for various organizations. His goal was to boost businesses’ organizational and operational efficiencies and the quality of their products and services.

With the ubiquity of information technology in various human life areas, the CEO and founder felt that the paradigm shift had to pick up momentum sooner or later. Dev Singh’s vision received acknowledgment in 2019 with the Crain’s Notable Entrepreneurs Award’s prestigious honor when we were included in the Top 10 entrepreneurs across Chicago.

And in 2021, he was featured by Forbes in their N1000 list of Top 1000 growth companies in the world. Sharing Dev Singh’s leadership responsibilities are Nitin Gera and Sayak Das. They are the company’s Chief Operating and Chief Brand and Innovation Officers, respectively. Both of them have extensive on-field experience and expertise in information technology and its great potential for businesses.

Q3) What have been the major milestones for AiRo Digital Labs since its inception?

Our operations commenced at the start of 2018 when the first facility was launched in the Chicago premiere digital incubator. Soon to follow, another facility became functional in Gurugram, located near Delhi, India. Within its first year of doing business, the company received an accolade in the Bot Genius competition, conducted by Automation Anywhere.

After this initial success, we received three more competition awards in the same year. Hence, these prizes established our name in the global market niche as an up-and-coming facilitator in enabling digital tech. In 2019, the company built and launched ViKi Health AI, the world’s first completely AI-enabled telehealth platform.


This platform was the world’s first to successfully use artificial intelligence to provide telehealth services. This remarkable feat established our mark and commitment to innovation. By this time, we had also expanded our operations in Dallas and San Francisco. All the while, we kept developing our assets of digital prototypes, which have played a pivotal part in the company’s success.

All these efforts culminated with the introduction of OMNI Digital COE (Centre of Excellence) in 2020. Businesses subscribing to this digital platform receive the benefit of building digital COEs for their businesses. Of the company’s clients, Chief Data and Information Officers have found the platform to be of great assistance.

Q4) Can you tell us about your clients? And if you are looking for outside investment,

The company has customers in industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals, life sciences, healthcare providers, and medical devices.  Moreover, these clients operate in the United States, India, and various European countries. The profits generated have been reinvested into our operations for purposes of boosting scale. So far, these profits have been sufficient as a source of investment; hence, AiRo Digital Labs is not looking for outside investments for the time being.

Q5) Any Message for Current and Potential Clients:

The digital era is bound to become mainstream in the near future. Observation of data and market trends indicates the vast benefits obtained by those adopting this trend. With the right guidance and competency, each business, small or large, could transform itself to thrive and prosper in the future.

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