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Digital Ad Hacks for Brands

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Advertising your brand is important if you want to thrive in a busy market populated with so many products and services. If you have easy go-to’s in your back pocket, then you can pierce through and reach your customer.

Think mobile

A majority of consumers spend a lot of time on mobile phones and portable devices. This is not necessarily age or gender restricted anymore either. These days, many people rely on their mobile devices for a multitude of daily tasks.

An agency specializing in digital advertising in Melbourne has shared that their clients see the most engagement when they target their ads to mobile users. This means the content is geared toward people who will be on the device.

Think about what the user will be doing. Are they on a search engine? Are they scrolling past posts on social media? Are they reading an online wiki? All of these must be taken into account in order to get their attention.

Keeping in mind how things on the web are formatted differently for phones, you should ensure that your ad is created to work for the platform. Think of the apps and sites your ad will be on and gear your design and digital development on that.

Action is the way

With the ease of scrolling away, you want to give your audience a reason to click. This is where the call to action comes in handy. It may seem like any interesting copy will be enough, but while that captures interest, the call to action is the finisher that encourages the user to actually stop what they were initially doing and check out your brand. The call to action is the suggestive nudge the user needs to make the effort to go a step further and engage with your brand.

It’s also wise to focus on the actual copy of your call to action. Generic statements are less captivating than interesting hooks. Just because the call comes at the end, it doesn’t mean it should be an afterthought.

Lead the feels trip

Hone in on how your brand relates to people and if you can tell a story that can capture them, use it. As long as you stay true to your messaging, relevant stories can make a connection to your audience that keeps you in their minds more.

A lot of viral ad campaigns either hinge on shock factor or on emotions. While the former can fade quickly, the latter can be turned into a long-term client relationship with the consumer. If your ad or message is something people want to come back to or reference, it has a bigger chance of encouraging them to patronize your brand.

Relating to consumers on a level that hits feelings can make the experience more personal. And brand loyalty is built on these types of connections. There is a big world out there, but you can always find ways to stand out and be a cut above the rest. Start with your online advertising campaign.

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