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How To Cancel All Alarms At Once: Android & iPhone

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Perhaps you are trying to clear alarms in your iPhone and Android at once, but are unable to do so. Some people prefer to set alarms on their phones to complete their jobs or wake up at the scheduled time. However, you might not need alarms to disturb your sleep. Know the techniques used to cancel the alarms on both Android and iPhone at once. It will enable you to continue your sleep without getting bothered about stopping the alarm every day as it rings.

Is your smartphone alarm clock set?

Maybe you are currently using your phone to ring an alarm at a scheduled time. You are not the only person to do it as millions across the phone use their phone as alarm clocks. It could be you have amassed a long alarm list with time, something that you are eager to remove. Active alarms present in the default clock application in your iOS or Android phone can be annoying at times. Deleting one by one is a long process, takes a lot of time, and is a tedious job. So what do you do? How to cancel all set alarms on your Android and iPhone device at once.

Why set alarms in the first place?

You may wonder why people use smartphones for setting alarm clocks. The fact is smartphones currently are developed using advanced technology. It is incorporated with numerous interesting features including the alarm clock. Hence, when the smartphone comes with an inbuilt alarm clock, there is no need to buy a separate alarm clock. Thus, people rely on this feature to rise from the bed in the stipulated time. This usual practice often leads to creating a long alarm list on the devices. They are set meticulously to ensure users do not miss out on appointments, oversleep, or not complete their assigned tasks on time.

What happens if desire to declutter the alarm list and begin afresh?

Individually deleting each alarm is indeed a tedious and time-consuming job, especially if there are dozens to be deleted. Maybe you lead a busy life and do not have time to undertake this task. Hence, it is quite natural to seek ideas to cancel set alarms on both iPhone and Android phones at once. It will make your life easier. Simply follow the details.

Remove or cancel all set alarms on your iPad/iPhone at once

iPhone’s clock application is designed to delete or cancel single alarms only at a time. What if there are lots of alarms that you plan to delete or cancel at a time? Don’t worry! Siri can provide you with appropriate solutions. As you upgrade to iOS each time, Siri becomes more powerful as it gets incorporated with the latest features. iOS personal assistant is of great use if you know how it works.

Remove or cancel all set alarms on your ipad/iphone at once

1. If the device is Siri enabled, then activate it by pressing down the Home button or saying ‘Hey Siri’.

2. Give the following command to Siri, ‘Delete all set Alarms’. Siri will start functioning and perform its tasks without any delay.

3. Confirm selection. Siri will silence all alarms permanently.

This quick, simple technique helps remove or cancel all set alarms from your iOS device.

Remove or cancel all set alarms on your Android Smartphone at once

If you are an Android user, you will have to follow a slightly different process. This is because its personal assistant is not designed to manage bulk alarm settings. However, you don’t have to worry. The same result can be derived by following an alternative method.

1. Access settings: Tap to open your Android phone’s Settings menu.

2. Visit Apps: Next, within the Settings menu, tap on ‘Apps’.

3. Choose Close: Now, locate and choose the ‘Clock’ app from the installed app list.

4. Clear Data: Tap ‘Clear Data’ within Clock app settings. Then, confirm by choosing ‘OK’.

Once done, the Clock app is free from all alarms that you had set previously on your device. It is fresh to be used again.

Additional tips for efficient alarm management

1. Use Voice Commands on Android phones:

As stated earlier, the built-in assistant of Android devices might not delete or cancel bulk alarms. However, to carry out other alarm-related work, you may use its voice command feature. For example, you may say ‘Turn off all set alarms’, or ‘Set alarm for 5 AM tomorrow’. It helps enable hands-free alarm management.

2. Explore 3rd-party alarm apps on Android phones:

Using your Android phone, you may explore 3rd-party apps available in PlayStore. Some apps provide users with the latest alarm management features, including the creation and deletion of alarm groups. You can even syn a long list of alarms across diverse devices and set personalized snooze options. However, to have a comprehensive alarm experience, choose the app carefully after reading user reviews. It should be free from viruses and malware.

3. Create and label several alarm groups in iOS devices:

iOS devices don’t have an inbuilt feature that allows the deletion of alarms in bulk at once. However, it enables you to create as well as label alarm groups conveniently. You can effortlessly categorize your alarms, like daily routines, fitness reminders, or work-related alarms. Follow the steps to set a new alarm group:

    • Open Clock application
    • Visit the ‘Alarm’ tap.
    • Now tap on ‘Edit’ and Add Alarm’.
    • Next, set the desired time. Repeat options to set a new alarm.
    • Tap ‘Edit’ under ‘Label’. Create a label to set Alarm groups like fitness, work, etc.
    • Save the alarm.

You may now enable/disable and manage entire alarm groups easily and stay organized all the time.

Simplify alarm management

Following the above tips will enable you to delete or cancel all alarms at once on your iPhone or Android device. Setting up your phone is easy. The steps are easy to follow and you can complete it quickly without taking help from others. Knowing the steps will ensure you don’t have to get disturbed while working or get from your deep sleep to cancel the alarm. Thus, you can enjoy life and use the device to your satisfaction. Moreover, you may set and cancel alarms in bulk as desired.

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