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Benefits of an Australian LMS for Business

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Remote learning has seen spectacular growth over the last eighteen months, not least because of the personal safety that’s inherent with online training. With that growth has been the uptake of companies using learning management systems (or LMS). It is one of the key tools used in establishing and running successful e-learning courses. While most organisations understand the benefits of using an LMS, many companies don’t fully appreciate the advantages of using an Australian LMS

A learning management system acts as a virtual classroom. It helps facilitate courses and students as well as back-office functions like documentation, compiling reports and the delivery of e-course materials. It is a powerful tool that streamlines presentation and administration. Think of it like a content management system for a website: software that keeps the digital space in order so course leaders and students can focus on learning. But what are the benefits of using an Australian LMS for business?

Know Your Market

A locally based LMS vendor should be aware of the domestic landscape and its regulatory framework. They need to know the environment you’ll be operating in in order to support your training courses – vital when delivering a relevant and accurate e-learning syllabus. Vendors based offshore may not know this crucial information.


Small things matter and even minor differences in language or expressions can make the implementation or use of an LMS unnecessarily difficult. Why struggle to interpret when you can use a vendor whose terminology already matches yours.

Progress Tracking and Reporting

Benefits of an australian learning management systems

Reporting and analysis tools allow administrators to follow and report on employees as they undertake each course, to monitor their progress and help those who are struggling. When choosing an Australian LMS, it’s important to know it has a safe and secure database for storing this data about your workforce.

Budget Control

The reporting tools in an LMS provide a clear picture of where money is being spent on training. However it’s important to know the system is reporting accurately and in line with Australian GST or payroll legislation for instance. An Australian LMS will do that, avoiding any confusion.

Customer Support

If your LMS is based overseas, there’s a good chance you won’t get support during critical operating hours. This can be a significant problem if your training programme or organisation depends on 100% up time. Even if you do get 24hour support, will the vendor truly understand your circumstances? We’ve all known situations where customer support not domiciled in Australia has been, shall we say, lacking. Don’t let that affect your business.

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing an LMS, with each system targeting specific needs, there is too much variety in the market. To get the most from a learning management system you’ll need to take time. It’s important to research, compare and even trial a system until you find the right fit for you, your students and the courses you’re planning to host.

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