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Accelerate Business Value With Wipro Zoom-to-Cloud Methodology For Oracle

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Cloud has emerged as the favored path for organizations to accelerate their business and innovate on the go. It is the technology of choice for businesses looking to establish a digital, smart, and connected enterprise. However, the need of the hour is a cloud solution that enables transformation and provides a way to harness the cloud swiftly, effectively, and economically. A process and framework known as Wipro Zoom-to-Cloud provides an easy and reliable path to cloud adoption, with the ability to move data seamlessly from on-premises databases to public clouds without disrupting application performance or end-user experience might just be the answer.

Wipro’s Zoom-to-Cloud is part of a broader offering for technology-led business transformation and includes three major frameworks:

  • Ignite-for-Cloud (assessments)
  • Zoom-to-Cloud (implementations)
  • Thrive-in-Cloud (Cloud application support and continuous innovation)

Wipro’s extensive domain knowledge and cutting-edge technologies are being used to create innovative digital products, services, and solutions related to cloud that will improve the customer experience, drive business transformation, and advance technological advancement throughout the globe while providing consistent value addition.

In this blog, we will solely focus on the implementation phase, i.e., the Zoom-to-Cloud framework.

What is Wipro’s Zoom-to Cloud Methodology for Oracle?

 Zoom-to-Cloud is a cloud journey framework that guides you through every step of the process, from planning to implementation and beyond. It enables you to evaluate, define, implement, and adopt Oracle Cloud as a way to future-proof your company. It considers how to use the cloud quickly, effectively, and inexpensively while creating a cognitively linked intelligent business capable of maximizing the value of Oracle Cloud investments (ERP, HCM, SCM, CX, EPM, etc.).

How does the Zoom-to-Cloud methodology work?

 Any cloud solution program will achieve its maximum potential only when the end-user experience is addressed, and the implementation is carried out rapidly to maintain enthusiasm and realize benefits faster. Creating a comprehensive adoption plan to succeed with Oracle Cloud’s vast business transformation is critical because it involves numerous vital activities.

Zoom-to-cloud methodology work wipro’s cloud professionals

Wipro’s cloud professionals created Zoom-to-Cloud, a simplified cloud migration approach to fulfill such a wide range of demands for an Oracle Cloud implementation. But it is more than simply one solution as it includes a customized transition strategy that meets the organization’s business objectives and operations. Wipro collaborates with our clients in the Zoom-to-Cloud method to assess their value levers, create an adoption road map, accelerate implementation, and embed new service capabilities. This structure offers templates, knowledge, and accelerators to help businesses navigate cloud alignment, speed, and adoption.

Go-to-Market Strategy for Wipro’s Zoom-to-Cloud

 Wipro’s Zoom-to-Cloud for Oracle Cloud goes to market via three pillars and each of these pillars contains several tools and functionalities.

Cloud Solution Alignment 

Ensuring Oracle compatibility, stability, and functionality.

  • Digital Navigator Assessment (DNA) evaluating cloud capability gaps, cost risks, and opportunities while providing a cloud deployment timeline.
  • Target Operating Model establishes an alignment with CXO priorities.
  • Wipro HOLMES offers over 40 pre-built AI Oracle Solutions. HOLMES invokes intelligent analysis to detect anomalies pre-emptively and bolsters AI/ML capabilities in Oracle Cloud apps.
  • Industry-specific Fusion SaaS supported by Wipro’s Strong Industry Domain teams.
  • JumpStart Kit is a library of 500+ enterprise process maps like Source-to-Settle, Hire-to-Retire, and Order-to-Cash — quickly creates the company’s business process blueprint in the cloud. These process maps have evolved from industry standards (like APQC), Oracle’s modern practices, and Wipro’s experiences.

Cloud Solution Velocity

ensuring faster data migration, testing, and functional setup

  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and CloudByz for Oracle Cloud. These are project management tools built as scalable and flexible platforms.
  • QuMic for faster data migration to cloud (high volume, data extraction, mapping, and loading). Leverages automation and pre-built integrations.
  • AI-powered Touchless Configuration BOTs for Functional Configuration setups into Cloud environments and faster execution.

Cloud Solution Adoption

End-user adoption and continuous value realization.

  • Digital Experience Strategy for UX and service design.
  • Change Management (OCM) for Oracle Cloud to enhance user adoption.
  • Business Command Center for KPI definition and monitoring; Business Process mining to enhance KPI outcomes.
  • Application pre-built learning paths, interactive job aids, and contextual support.

Benefits of using this methodology to accelerate business value with Oracle

 A partner who knows your industry and understands how IT and OT work is essential for faster adoption and scalability. Wipro’s expertise in the domain enables it to stand out with Zoom-to Cloud, which aids enterprises with a track record of technological investment evaluation, risk assessment, and road-mapping from preparation to deployment.

It allows for creating an Oracle-certified cloud that can support critical business processes and workloads and continuous change with additional resilience and embedded technologies (e.g., AI/ML, automation, etc.) while adhering to Oracle’s basic functionality standards.

Conclusion – Key Takeaways

  • With the help of process mining, Zoom-to-Cloud ensures that thorough cloud migration and installation plans are in place while executing at speed.
  • Zoom-to-Cloud has clear advantages for both IT and business leaders. It lowers costs and enables a more focused effort on business processes and changes while predicting technical delivery.
  • Wipro’s domain proficiency distinguishes the firm from competitors.
  • Overall, the Zoom-to-Cloud solution allows businesses to access cloud services while ensuring that data is properly migrated.
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