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6 Wedding-Related Business Ideas You Can Start Today

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A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event for every couple. Each year, there are lots of couples who get married. According to The Knot’s report, the average number of weddings in the United States annually was 2.2 million during the pre-pandemic period.

The market size of this industry is around USD 74 billion, according to IBISWorld. It shows that it can offer several lucrative business opportunities to entrepreneurs. But do you know what these opportunities are?

This article will share the following wedding-related business ideas you can start today.

1. Wedding Planner

A memorable wedding requires thorough planning. That’s why the wedding planning business is on trend. This kind of business helps couples have a perfect wedding day. A wedding planner is the principal architect of the whole event. Therefore, to become one, you must pay attention to details.

This business can be an excellent option if planning is your strong suit. The median annual salary for a wedding planner can be more than USD 40,000. Moreover, at least 50% of couples tend to offer tips for the service.

2. Wedding Photographer And Videographer

Photos and videos are essential to wedding events to capture all the special moments. Furthermore, the demand for good-quality photography and videography is currently increasing. So, becoming a wedding photographer or videographer can be a lucrative career for you. These two both rely on camera equipment, but they are entirely different from one another.

Suppose you decide to be a photographer. Practice taking a few shots to enhance your skills or watch tutorial videos online. To gain exposure, you must network with other experienced photographers out there. That way, you can learn additional ideas from them.

To become a videographer, you must focus on gaining experience. To do this, you can always team up with other videographers who can help you. Once you think you’re ready enough to have clients, you must have a website. Also, it’s best to consider working with Wedding Boost, a wedding videography marketing agency. Doing this can enhance your online presence and attract more potential clients.

3. Wedding Cake And Dessert Making

Wedding cake and dessert making wedding business ideas

The Knot noted that couples spend USD$ 500 on their wedding cakes. Therefore, if you enjoy baking, you can choose this type of business. This kind of business can be easy to start and requires minimal capital. You can do this while staying at home and only on a part-time basis.

But before you start one, you must master your cake and dessert crafts. Wedding cakes can be more tedious than regular pastries. However, you can charge your clients a reasonable price for your final product.

4. Wedding Catering Business

Foods and beverages are essential at the wedding reception. Therefore, establishing this kind of business can be great too. If you opt for this opportunity, you must have a food service background, like a chef or restaurant manager. This idea only demands a small capital amount, but you can ensure that you can have a great return on investment.

A wedding catering business requires creativity and administration. It can be a lot of work because you must create your menu and manage several clients. Hence, if you want to get started with this, it will help if you have a business partner. Aside from this, you must organize a team with adequate cooking skills and know how to cook different dishes.

5. Wedding Florist

Flowers are an essential and artistic element of a wedding. To run a successful business in this field, you must have a creative eye and knowledge about specific types of flower arrangements. You will need to learn how to arrange live, dried flowers and greenery to create stunning decorations that will impress your clients.

Starting a wedding florist business does not require much investment. You can begin with a few supplies and a small office space, even at home, where you can meet potential clients. To market your expertise, it is important to build an impressive portfolio showcasing your work.

6. Wedding DJ

Music is an essential part of any wedding celebration, and if you have a passion for music, becoming a wedding DJ could be a great career choice.

While it is true that wedding DJs can earn a good income, the actual amount can vary depending on factors such as experience, location, and demand. According to sources, the average salary for a DJ in the United States is around USD$ 26,587 per year, with the highest-paid DJs earning over USD$ 55,451.

It would be best to have an extensive music library with different genres to get you started. This business will require upfront capital investment with all the instruments and equipment, including a laptop, head drives, and a controller.


These wedding-related business ideas are only a few. With these ideas, you can make an informed decision on which opportunity is best for you. Choosing the right idea requires evaluating your expertise and considering your investment capacity.

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