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5 Trending Technologies in Startups – 2020

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Are you keen on understanding what technology startups are working on? Do you want to build a business that is both relevant and interesting? We are in the year 2020, and there are so many upcoming changes in the technology around us. Technology has grown in leaps and bounds. It plays a vital role in building products and services that can change the way we live!

With this being said, here are some of the most upbeat technologies in startups.

#1 Communication at its best!

Hundreds of startups are focusing on the development of the 5G network. Wow, hasn’t 5G reached markets yet? Well, this is the future of communication and it is yet to reach public spaces. Whether it is the number of devices, connections or user experience – 5G networks are bound to make an impact. If you are thinking of investing in communication technologies and you have the land to do so, you might consider renting it to a cell phone company to install cell phone towers. Before you do so, talk to expert consultants that can help you, for example Terabonne’s cell tower lease negotiation experts.

#2 Cloud

Cloud technology trending technologies

The talk about trending technologies in startups will be incomplete without the cloud. Indeed, cloud technology has been around for decades. And, it is still considered as the next big thing! Doesn’t this sound interesting? Regardless of how old the cloud is; it is still a promising technology. In the year 2020, startups are bound to make significant changes to cloud architecture.

#3 DARQ Has Arrived!

Finally, the world has started to witness the amazing “Distributed Ledger Technology” alias blockchain. This is an interesting area of study that blends artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and virtual reality. In the upcoming days, you will see this domain gain lots of priority amongst startups. In fact, bigger names like “Volkswagen” are also investing in this field.

#4 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Startups were once known for its experiments in artificial intelligence. Well, this situation has not changed even now.

Artificial Intelligence is always a booming trend among startup companies. Whether it is a robot or a wearable technology with AI that you are aiming for – startups are working on them. Today, many startup firms are investing their time and effort on robot delivery and drones. Undeniably, this is an upcoming technology you can aim for in the year 2020.

#5 Data Policers

This is an interesting field in our list of trending technologies for startups. Data policing has become an important area of focus for both big and small companies. This is because the bolts on data protection and privacy laws have become tighter.

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