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Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategy Tools for Online Startups

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We believe that a digital marketing strategy is essential to take advantage of the growing opportunities from digital marketing, yet many companies don’t have a digital marketing strategy.  Today’s digital marketing strategy is the series of actions that are going to help you achieve your goals using online marketing, We have Gather These Tools for Startup Who Really Struggle for Digital Marketing.

Below is a list of our favorite free tools for new business Startups.

1. Buffer


Social media is important. Really important. But for new business owners who are short on time and resources, tweeting just isn’t a priority.

With Buffer, you can schedule posts and interact with your audience across different accounts, plus get valuable analytics on how your social media campaigns are performing.

Why You need it:

  • Connect and streamline your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts
  • Create and schedule a day, week or month’s worth of tweets, posts and updates
  • Track the performance of your social media campaigns and gain valuable insights

Alternatives: HootSuite, Sprout, TweetDeck

2. Zoho


Though the age of the Rolodex has long passed, the need for a comprehensive, annotated database of customers and leads remains. In 2015, many businesses use Customer Relationship Management tools — CRM for short — to do just that.

Zoho is just one of many CRM tools available online, but it comes with the added benefit of being free for up to ten users — forever.

Why You need it:

  • Store and manage customer data, contact info, sales progress and social interactions
  • Capture customer info on your site and automatically add them to your list of leads
  • Automatically sorts high-priority activities and leads to help organize your day

Alternatives: Insightly, Act

3. Pixlr Editor

Professional design software can cost thousands of dollars, but for many entrepreneurs, free online software can offer more than enough functionality to support their business.

Pixlr Editor provides free editing, cropping, and design tools for digital photos and imagery. Web-based and lightweight, it’s an easily accessible and cost-free way to make great looking images.

Why You need it:

  • Crop, resize, color correct, and retouch images for your online store
  • Enhance product photography by removing backgrounds and artifacts
  • Create professional-looking logos, artwork and even product mockups

Alternatives: GIMP, Sumopaint, Canva, Designfeed.io

4. Mint


Small business owners need to-the-minute updates on their budgets and finances, so it’s important to have that data on the go.

After giving Mint permission to view your financial data via your online banking account, the software will begin to learn your spending habits, categorize your expenditures and even manage budgets for you.

Totally automated, it’s one of the easiest ways to keep track of spending and stay on top of your finances.

Why You need it:

  • Set a budget for any expenditure and get notified when you’re near your limit
  • Keep an eye on incoming and outgoing funds via simple graphs and report
  • Take advantage of a simple, all-in-one view of your incoming and outgoing funds

Alternatives: Shoeboxed, Quicken, YNAB (You Need a Budget), Wave

5. Evernote


For daily reminders and shopping lists, physical sticky notes are more than up to the task. But when it comes to your business, cloud-based software is a must.

Evernote calls itself “the workspace for your life’s work,” and for new business owners, it really can be.

The service allows users to keep track of notes, links, lists and photos, and acts as a shareable, cross-device hub of thoughts and ideas. If you’ve been struggling with organization, Evernote can help.

Why You need it:

  • Photograph and categorize inspiring or thought-provoking marketing ideas
  • Clip and save interesting articles at home or on the go and organize your reading list
  • Keep your ideas synced between mobile and desktop and refer to them anywhere

Alternatives: OneNote, Google Drive, Wunderlist

Article Written by Robert | Digital Marketing Consultant

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  1. Great information. I’d like to suggest ProofHub for startups. ProofHub is a cloud project management solution that has features to match the requirements of every business size. There is no need of having too many tools when you have ProofHub. It comes packed with powerful features like file sharing, Gantt charts, discussions, proofing and allows basic task management which you need when you are starting up.


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