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07 Steps To Grow Your Business Through Networking Events

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Every entrepreneur who is successful desires a strong professional network. It takes more than one networking event to increase the visibility of your company. Attending many events is where networking really starts to pay off. The objective is to establish trusting relationships with.

Networking events should be part of your financial plan.  In this article, we’ll look at how to establish your credibility in order to construct a solid network that will support the expansion of your company.

1. Within 24 hours, send a follow-up email

People have short-term memories. So, you should try to follow up within 24 hours of the initial contact because of this. Tell the folks you’re happy you interacted with them, appreciate their time, and that you’d like to spend some time getting to know them more. Sending emails or texts is better than calling someone you’ve recently met. It conveys that you care about their needs and are courteous to them. Your financial plans should include this as one of the most important marketing strategies.

2. LinkedIn connections

For business growth, LinkedIn is the greatest social media platform. In your follow-up email, you can include your LinkedIn QR code so that people can quickly find you on the social networking platform. However, be sure that your LinkedIn profile is updated and accurate. It also matches the information you gave before extending the incoming connections. Make sure to include creative business ideas on your profile.

3. Call a private meeting

Call a private meeting networking events

Immediately after your initial contact, schedule a follow-up meeting. Using a free program like SuperSaaS to build your own online booking calendar is a terrific way to arrange a comfortable regular meeting and talk about creative business ideas.

With only an online booking system, it’s convenient to postpone or reschedule. You can make sure you and your clients are both alerted about the appointment well in advance thanks to the system’s scheduled notifications. It helps in fostering business growth to a greater extent.

4. Make notes

Everyone possesses unique qualities and passions. You can keep track of the information about people you meet at meetings and events in your own personal connection management file. You can opt to save basic information like a person’s name, phone number, company brand, email address, website link, professional event where you first met them, when you spoke to them, how you connected with them, and any unique facts you know about them.

5. Keep it brief

Always remember to communicate clearly and briefly. Professionals in business presently receive tens of thousands of notifications per day over various channels like WhatsApp, emails, and SMS. You can’t expect people to be engaged in the conversation while reading a lengthy message from someone they might meet. Therefore, it is best to make your message brief, concise, and direct.

6. Decide when to stop

Do not follow it up with emails over the week or on Mondays. On weekends, people typically monitor their mail less frequently, so if you deliver it on a Monday, there’s a risk it will get drowned under other critical emails in their mailbox. Deliver the follow-up email when it is most convenient for the recipient and when they are most likely to read it. If your initial email does not elicit a response, you can send a follow-up email in three to five days to see if they received it.

7. Remain Connected

Monitor the individuals you network with. Recognize the types of content that members of your network could find interesting and post that stuff on your social media platforms. By liking, sharing, and remarking on the material they post on social media, you may interact with them there.


Usually, you don’t fully appreciate the advantages of networking events until afterward. Incorrect and inconsistent follow-up undermines networking’s true value. An ongoing effort to follow up will establish the groundwork for a reliable professional network.

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