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Zoom Free vs. Zoom Paid: 4 Tiers To Consider

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Zoom is a cloud-based communication system that helps you virtually interact with people through video calling or audio conferencing. It comes with different modes for its users with various features; the standard free account is available for all the users and then the paid versions, Zoom Pro, Zoom Business and Zoom Enterprise.

With the advent of the COVID 19 pandemic, people started going for digital substitutes for their work. Zoom is one such substitute that people started using for all kinds of purposes like educational classes, schooling, official meetings, seminars, and other collaborative tasks. According to a report, in the year 2020, zoom experienced a rise of 227% of users on its platform.

Since the pandemic, virtual communication and the work from home culture have become a norm worldwide. Hence, it is essential to understand all the aspects of virtual communication. The following points will help you know all the different types of user accounts you can have on zoom:

Features of the Basic Zoom free accounts

The basic zoom has various features like it can host a meeting with a hundred participants present in the meeting. The duration of these meetings can not exceed 40 minutes.

You get free access to the mobile application and the features of creating, scheduling, and joining a meeting. You get some more features as a free user; these include sharing screen, adding contacts, audio and video disabling, etc.

Features of Zoom Pro

Features of zoom pro

You can enable pro features on your zoom account after paying for the pro package.

With the Zoom Pro, you will get some added features like unlimited time duration for your group meetings.

You will also be able to stream your virtual events like seminars, meet-ups, and discussions on other platforms like Facebook and Youtube.

It also has a feature of transcription, which means it starts adding the information that is being conveyed in the meeting in the form of captions. Another feature is that it helps you take polls in the discussion and provides you with 1 GB of cloud storage.

Features of Zoom Business

You can enable business features in your zoom account by paying the required amount for the plan. A business account will let you host at least 300 people in a meeting.

It also allows you to customize the landing page as per your requirements; you can use it for branding or conveying certain information about the meeting. It provides you with 1 GB of cloud storage for storing your data.

Features of Zoom Enterprise

You can enable enterprise features by purchasing the enterprise plan. It has many features; for example, it lets you host a meeting that can have 500 interactive participants. Moreover, you also get an option to extend this limit to up to 1000 members. It also provides you with unlimited cloud storage.

The features mentioned above explain all about zoom’s free and paid accounts. You can choose the option that suits your requirements. It is available as a mobile application compatible with iOS and Android devices and a desktop application compatible with macOS and Windows devices.

Although, it is also available as an outlook plugin and browser extension. So it is up to you, you can choose to use it in whichever way suits you.

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