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With The Rise Of ChatGPT Is A.I. Changing The Digital Landscape?

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The next decade is going to be huge in terms of the changes we are going to see online. We have seen a lot of information regarding the metaverse in recent months and we expect to see the metaverse grow. You only have to look at the development of ChatGPT to see how eager people are to use new technology, both in the physical and virtual world.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT was released in December 2022 and in under one week, it had over one million users. ChatGPT was released by OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research company that includes Elon Musk among its founding members. ChatGPT is a chatbot and it can make conversation and present itself clearly when speaking with humans. The people behind the ChatGPT project have said the chat format allows the AI to answer,“follow-up questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises and reject inappropriate requests”. There are still come technical difficulties to overcome to make ChatGPT a seamless experience and the developers are aware it will take further research to make the chatbot perfect. The current ChatGPT is a prototype, and the interactions will be used to improve the chatbot.

What is chatgpt digital landscape

Questions and Answers

ChatGPT shows it is possible to create artificial intelligence that can answer questions and hold a conversation based on questions. Not only that but ChatGPT can correct grammar and fix bugs in online code, so there are many aspects to the chatbot aside from simply answering questions. However, by having the ability to answer questions immediately, the rise of ChatGPT means we could be using AI for all sorts of daily tasks soon. Something like phoning to make a doctor’s appointment could be completed using a chatbot that is capable of listening to your symptoms, providing solutions, and making appointments. We are a long way off from a doctor being replaced by AI but we can see where it could potentially lead in the future.


The popularity of ChatGPT could see a rise in the use of AI in online gaming. You could be using an online casino Canada for example and enter a world full of chatbots rendered in human form. You could walk around the casino using augmented reality and chat to the other people in the casino thanks to the advancements in AI. This would be an incredible experience and as we are not far away from the possibility of augmented reality casinos and other games, it is plausible the use of AI could lead to genuine interactions inside the casino.


There are some people who are concerned AI will replace human intelligence. Taking ChatGPT as an example, the chatbot can write an essay on a subject and this could see widespread cheating and a loss in the art of writing. ChatGPT has been tested and produced an essay good enough to get a satisfactory grade. This could result in a change in the way students are assessed and the end of essays as an assignment. There is no doubt, AI is capable of changing both the digital and physical landscape.

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