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HomeTipsWill a Pergola Increase Your Home’s Value?

Will a Pergola Increase Your Home’s Value?

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Undoubtedly, there is an elegance that comes with a pergola. Although its design hasn’t really changed much for hundreds of years, it’s still a form that is both functional and beautiful. Whether it’s for your pool area, fire pit or a garden oasis, a pergola offers everything you need to provide some definition and interest to any outdoor space. It doesn’t matter if you add drapes, hanging foliage or even a simple paint job, it is sure to be a stunning addition and a welcome boost to the value of your home.

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When considering adding a pergola you’ll need to choose one that is classically attractive. It also needs to be well constructed out of quality and durable materials. Skimping on these three core elements will have you in disbelief after your home’s appraisal. But a pergola from somewhere like The Luxury Pergola will tick off each of these three items and provide you with an upgraded outdoor space for years to come. Even if you don’t live in a climate with mild winters or year round warmth, you can come up with creative ways to use your pergola in just about any weather with a few modifications. This is valuable, not a poorly made, ugly pergola that will end up being a liability to your home’s value.

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Pergola Uses

If you’re interested in a pergola and you’re not quite sure how it will add value to your home, consider that you’ll be creating a dedicated outdoor entertaining area. Any area where there’s not a lot of shading is a great place to locate a pergola. They’re for creating comfortable entertaining spaces. Many modern pergolas can be outfitted with speakers, space heaters, roll down shades, and even lighting. There’s a lot of versatility that comes with this ages old structural design, and these additions are also where some of the added value lies. You can use it to add some pizzazz to a beautiful garden and grow vining plants on it or hang planter baskets from it as well. It can be a lounge area by the pool or part of your patio setup.

Pergola uses home value

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Gazebos and Arbors

In researching pergolas, you’ve probably come across gazebos and arbors as well. All of these lovely outdoor accents can really change the feel and flow of your outdoor space, so let’s define them. A gazebo differs from a pergola in that it has a raised floor, a more rounded shape and it always has a fully closed roof. An arbor is more like a scaled down pergola. They usually offer a rounded top and can relatively easily be moved due to their smaller size. And many people choose to use them as trellises for climbing veggies and flowering plants. These structures can also increase a home’s value, as curb appeal plays a large role in selling a house.

There are a lot of purely cosmetic additions like general landscaping that won’t do much, if anything, for your home’s value. But beautiful and functional structural elements that become an extension of the indoor space outside are worth investing in.

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