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Why You Should Plan for Junk Removal Before Moving

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Letting go of anything you don’t need anymore before you’re moving is going to make a move itself a lot cheaper. You have less to pack, less to unpack, and don’t have to worry about stuff taking up your space in your new property. Moving is best to be carefully planned, which does involve scheduling a junk removal in time.

Are you ready to move?

Are you ready to move?

Your moving date could be two months away, but you can never plan enough. To avoid turning the moving day into complete chaos, you need to be prepared and carefully plan. That means: you have to start planning now. While you may not need to start packing right away, you can at least start sorting out your stuff.

  1. Check each room of your place for items you have not used in a year. Getting organized for the big moving day is pretty much like a spring clean in Kondo-style. First, take out everything that you don’t use anymore. At this point, it doesn’t matter if it could potentially still be used by someone else. Just take it all out.
  2. Once you’ve been through each room, organize which of the things you pulled out is still in good shape to be re-used and what you can throw away. Put everything to throw away into a separate box or bin bag and put it into the garage or the cellar for the time being. ’s time will still come.
  3. Set up a garage sale for any still functional items but of no further use for you. Advertise a week ahead of your garage sale when it takes place. Whatever you can’t sell directly, you can still try to sell on eBay. 
  4. Offer any items you couldn’t sell for donations. 

You’ve done all that, and there’s still loads of stuff.

Charities usually welcome any kind of donation, but some are only in need of particular items and might refuse books, for example. Believe it or not, even if you offered old toys that are still in good shape, there are quite a few charities that refuse to accept them. You’d think they’d appreciate the gesture. But significantly larger charitable organizations often have their own kind of list of what they accept and what they don’t. So what are you going to do with everything that’s left?

  1. Offer your unwanted items in local Free-Your-Stuff groups or on freecycle. You’ll find loads of people who’d be more than glad to offer your juicer a new home that you never used and which no one wanted to buy. However, not everyone turns up to pick up your old coffee table. Unfortunately, it does repeatedly happen that you reserve an item for someone who never picks it up.
  2. Schedule the junk removal and let them pick up everything you haven’t been able to give to someone else.
  3. Keep unwanted items in a dedicated area until junk removal day.

What’s the right time to schedule a junk removal?

If you don’t want to take with you an old sofa among all those items, you’re probably not too keen to spend the last weeks in your old home sitting on the floor. Thus, scheduling a junk removal before the actual moving day might be a bad idea. It’s not exactly smart to buy a new sofa and move it into your new home with all the other bulky items. You want to move as light as possible. Have new furniture directly delivered to your new home.

Additionally, you will undoubtedly come across some bits and pieces on moving day that you didn’t notice before going through all your stuff or even while you were packing. There always is the one or the other item you discover as you take out your belongings, which you may spontaneously let go of. Therefore, it’s best to schedule a junk removal for the day after your move. You can place everything to the curb you don’t want anymore, and they’ll pick it up. 

What is the right time to schedule a junk removal

Junk removal after moving day?

In case that putting your junk at your curb might be illegal in your area, you may have to return to your old property after the moving day. The junk removal team cannot remove your junk if they can’t enter your home. However, if you had to organize your junk removal in this manner, you better manage to keep any junk in one dedicated room or area. Otherwise, the movers might accidentally take it with you, and you’ll end up with it at your new property. That’s something you meant to avoid. 

If you’re moving further away and placing your junk at the curb is illegal, it’s certainly impractical and even more stressful having to return to the old property after moving out. Then it’s best to schedule a junk removal for the day before you actually move. At least it’ll be just one day you’d have to spend on the floor of your living room if your sofa needs to go.

Schedule a collection day ahead of time

Last but not least, you better schedule junk removal in time. One may think that a junk removal could be done at any time, and they’d be there within an instant. But it’s rather unlikely you’re the only person in town that clears out all sorts of junk. As such, a junk removal service may have a busy schedule. If you call them too close to your moving day to schedule a collection, they may not necessarily be available on your desired day. 

If you left your junk at the curb for a couple of days or weeks even, your pile might grow in size. You can’t supervise if anyone decides to add his junk to yours. That would make the collection more expensive in the end. The new owners of your home won’t be too happy to climb over all your junk either when you left already. They want to move in as soon as you leave. 

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