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Why You Need to Give Employees Privacy in the Workplace

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Teamwork and collaboration are essential in any workplace. This is why a lot of company owners nowadays prefer to design their offices where employees can openly share their ideas as often as needed. No wonder, the concept of open-plan offices has slowly gained popularity in the corporate world. With the open workspace encouraging employees to constantly share ideas, the team is expected to produce outputs more efficiently. However, not everyone loves this concept. Some people still prefer to have even a little privacy in the workplace.

Studies have shown that the design or the layout of offices affects how employees perform their tasks. Often, customized plans boost employees’ productivity. But sometimes, they tend to feel uncomfortable with the office design. As a result, they don’t show outstanding performance or accomplish tasks as fast as expected. This is why you still need to consider installing screens in your London office to give your employees a bit of private space.

Here are the benefits of providing your team with just enough privacy in the office.

Encourage independence

Employees will be encouraged to finish their tasks without asking too much assistance from their colleagues. They can still share ideas with other people, but not to the point where they become too dependent on their teammates.

Lessen distraction

Imagine working on a balanced sheet or writing a very detailed article. Suddenly, some colleagues decide to have a coffee break and walk in front of your desk. You unintentionally look over and then, lose focus on doing your task. This is a common scenario in an office where there are no private cubicles for employees. To reduce distractions, provide your employees with individual workstations, so they can concentrate on doing their job.

Reduce stress and pressure

With office screens between individual cubicles, employees will feel more comfortable while doing their job. Having their own cubicles gives them privacy, which makes them feel less pressured to know that other people won’t be able to look over their work all the time. Even if they are not doing something wrong, some people still feel stressed sometimes if they know that someone can keep observing their work. This is one great reason it’s better to offer them a bit of privacy in the office.

Boost productivity

With less stress, pressure, and distractions, you can expect your team to deliver tasks on time or even earlier than expected. They can focus on getting things done while they enjoy their private little spaces in the workplace.

You can still go for an open-plan layout for your office. You just have to install some tools to provide your employees with some privacy. Being able to find a balance between teamwork and independence in the workplace will improve your team’s overall performance. Your employees will be able to collaborate with ease while enjoying their privacy when they need to accomplish tasks alone. Consider talking to a professional layout planner or interior designer to assist you in finalizing the design of your company’s office.

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