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Why Switzerland is the Best Place to Start a Company

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You may perhaps be interested in starting a business in Switzerland. This country is considered to be a global leader concerning technology and innovation. You can consider establishing your production facility, headquarters and develop unique products here. Moreover, this country boasts of occupying the top slot in per capita patent applications.

7 benefits of starting a new business in Switzerland

Benefits of starting a new business in switzerland

  • Vast talent pool: This country is a famous tourist spot attracting people from all walks of life from all over the world. Being a beautiful landlocked country, it attracts as well as retains global talent and highly skilled workforce. Google has set up its R&D centre here due to easy access to diverse, strong labor pool. Its Swiss office is regarded to be the largest campus outside the US. There are 2,000 employees belonging to 4 different countries! The other major players that have established their base there are Microsoft, Disney, Nestle, Novartis, Roche, etc. They have their research centers and operate their global business from Switzerland.
  • Quality research & education system: This country lays great emphasis on excellence in education and training. This is to have ready a rich talent pool ready to take on major challenges in almost all domains. Dual education system exists here with academic education and practical, direct apprenticeships. The course conducted here is offered to meet the growing economy requirements. Thus, you can easily get access to highly experienced, knowledgeable and qualified workforce. It also ranks very high in global R&D investments. It has an ideal environment for R&D organizations. This is beneficial in the domains of AI, robotics, bio-technology, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Hence, starting a business in Switzerland is a wise decision made.
  • Strong economy: SMEs tend to dominate Swiss economy. About 99% companies here have hired just 250 full-time employees or even less. Swiss SMEs allow you to identify easily specialized suppliers within 300 km distance.
  • Liberal labor laws and market: This country offers entrepreneurs with a business-friendly environment. There are very less stringent rules and regulations to be followed. New business models are evolving with time that the government is trying to adapt to quickly. It has been trying to minimize market entry barriers to allow foreign investors and entrepreneurs. Besides being a financial center, it is also considered to be the hub for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.
  • Safe haven: Your investment is quite safe here. Its politically savvy electorate and consensual government form ensures enhanced political stability. It also boasts of having a fair, transparent legal system and business-friendly regulatory environment. This alpine nation is known to house about 2,000 global corporate including a few leading multinationals.
  • Security: The Swiss Franc is considered to be the among the world’s most stable and strongest currencies. It has remained independent even during turbulent times. It includes the eurozone debt crisis since 2009 affecting its immediate neighbors. Swiss policymakers do not tolerate inflation much and are excellent financial stewards. This is undoubtedly one of the major benefits of starting a new business in Switzerland.
  • Financial stability: This country is also financially stable. The total public debt is approximately 39% of the country’s GDP, thus enjoying a healthy budget. Moreover, the country has maintained neutrality for a very long time, thereby making it trustworthy for families and companies alike. People in the Swiss cities and countryside value high life quality. It also offers beneficial geographic location.

Hence, a business-friendly, stable and efficient environment helps ensure long-term investments. The benefits of starting a new business in Switzerland are many. You can consult a professional to ensure making the right choice.

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