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Why Custom Printed Bags Make Great Branding Tools

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Branding is essential for every company in today’s business sphere. It primarily makes your business stand out from the crowd, making you well-known among customers. While you could use strategies like digital marketing or erecting billboards, they might be expensive or a bit involved. A better option would be to use traditional methods, like custom printed bags.

They’re affordable branding tools and are pretty straightforward to roll out. Your aim should be to make the bags attractive and appealing to the eyes so everyone has a glimpse of your business name, logo, location, and other similar details. Ideally, it’s best to hand out the bags to your customers, and as they walk around town, they display your brand to the public. Alternatively, your staff can carry them during team building events, or you can distribute them to the public as free handouts.

Whichever the case, it’d help if you contracted a designer with an impeccable record of producing premium quality custom printed bags. They could place your business logo in the most effective way possible and display your marketing message loud and clear. The bags should also be functional and durable; your customers should be able to carry their groceries, clothing, or other shopping items in the bags and reuse them for several months.

With such things in mind, here are eight reasons why custom printed bags make for great branding tools:

1. They Could Show Your Company Is Eco-Friendly

Customers these days are always looking to work with environmentally conscious companies. Indeed, plastic bags have been in use for a long time, but due to the problems they cause to the environment after use, most people today have ditched them. For instance, they can cause contamination when dumped in soil or water. Kids can also suffocate if they play with improperly disposed plastic bags. Crops may wither while growing in plastic-laden soils, and fish may also choke if they ingest plastic bags disposed of in water bodies.

For such reasons, you can make the shift to eco-friendly custom printed bags, such as kraft paper bags or other similar ones that are better than plastic bags. They’re gentler to the environment, passing a strong message to the public that you’re mindful of the ecosystem. By using them, you’re able to show that your goal of creating appealing aesthetics doesn’t compromise sustainability standards. In turn, your customers will love you because of your caring nature.

Here are other reasons to use custom-printed kraft paper bags:

  • They come in various sizes, varieties, and designs. You only have to specify your unique needs to the supplier.
  • They’re more robust than other traditional bag materials.
  • You can save more on shipping prices since the materials they’re made from are lightweight.
  • They’re much more affordable.
  • You can order them in bulk.
  • They’re sustainable, attracting more customers who opt for brands that suit their sustainable lifestyles.

They could show your company is ecofriendly custom printed bags

You can also find a variety of bags with custom details, such as paperless handles, decorative handles, twill handles, ribbon handles, eco-friendly varnishes, spot UV, or foil stamps. Your main goal should be to choose bags wisely so people can always talk about your business’s uniqueness to others.

2. Boosts Your Company’s Image

Most customers associate quality custom-printed bags with high-performing stores. When you use these types of bags, it shows your business is among the best ones in your industry, making customers feel proud to be associated with your business. However, you must ensure your bags are of premium quality. Thus, take your time to produce well-designed bags that can leave a lasting impression on the beholder.

3. Attracts Attention

When you use plain bags to pack your products, your business won’t stand out since everyone is probably using similar ones. But, with custom-printed bags, you can make your business more attractive even at a glance.

Ensure you have your bags designed with interesting prints and colors so your customers can take pride in using them. Most people will also appreciate your initiative to use sustainable branding ideas. Remember, competition is rife in business, and you must do everything within your means to capture customers’ attention.

4. Passes Vital Information About Your Company

The main reason you should be using custom-printed bags is to make your business known to your customers. You can include text prints on the bag to show what you’re selling or the values you champion as a firm. It’s practical since you compel your customers’ friends, family, and even passersby to visit your website to get more information on other items you’re selling. For most people, it’s the emotional connection to a brand that makes them buy stuff.

5. They Are Affordable

Marketing is generally expensive. Whatever method you think about, from online ads to email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), or billboards, the costs can quickly increase and strain your company financially. Thus, finding the most affordable marketing strategy is crucial.

Custom printed bags are among the most budget-friendly traditional marketing tools. Moreover, they’re not purely for advertising purposes, as they’re functional items your customers can actually use. So, it’s more like killing two birds with one stone.

For even more savings, consider ordering them in bulk from reputable suppliers for generous discounts.

6. They’re Unique, Versatile, And Customizable

Custom printed bags are versatile in that they can hold many items. Customers aren’t limited to carrying only your products in these bags. Once they take their purchased goods to their homes, they can reuse the bags for future shopping errands, subconsciously initiating a perpetual brand awareness campaign.

You can also make custom printed bags in any shape, color, or design. You may choose small, medium, large, or extra-large sizes to accommodate various product sizes. You can also adopt unique styles that are distinct from your competitors while appealing to your customers. In terms of colors, you can go for bright and popping ones for quick visibility. Dark hues seem dull and won’t strike a chord with consumers.


Custom printed bags are effective, easy-to-make, and affordable branding tools. Your winning point is ordering them from suppliers with a proven track record of high-quality standards and fantastic design skills. Also, it’d be best to order in bulk to ensure big savings.

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