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Why All Industries need Cyber Security

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If you’re a business owner, paying attention to cyber security is essential. Here’s what you need to know about the dangers of malware and the importance of cyber-security:

Malware Can Wreak Havoc on Your Company’s Finances

Malware can allow cyber criminals to steal large amounts of money from your company, and they can even steal your financial information. They even could gain access to your computer when you’re not using it.

1. Some Types of Malware Transmit Data to The Hackers 24/7

Some forms of malware contain key loggers, and these key loggers are capable of transmitting data to the hackers anytime that the computer is in use.

2. Ransomware Could Hold Your Company Hostage

Imagine if one day your computer didn’t turn on, and you saw an error message saying that if you don’t pay a certain amount of money to hackers that they will not release your files. Not only is ransomware common, but it has devastated numerous small business owners.


3. Your Competition Could Pose A Threat to Your Cyber-Security

Many business owners who faced a cyber-attack found that their hackers were not an anonymous person on the internet but someone from their competitors.

4. Hackers Could Use Your Computer for Malicious Purposes

In some cases, hackers compromise a computer in an effort to conceal illicit activities. This could result in you being falsely accused of illegal activity. In some cases, these programs could involve your computer to be joined with others to form a network of computers called a botnet.

5. Malware Is Evolving

The malware programs of today are far more dangerous than what hackers used in the past, and the dangers of malware are only going to get worse. As hackers get more skilled, they are likely to create even sneakier and more destructive forms of malware.

What Are Some Examples of Serious Cyber Attacks?

While all malware attacks have the potential to cause serious harm to your company, these are some examples of the most dangerous malware programs that have hit business owners:

1. CryptoLocker Ransomware and The Zeus Trojan

The Zeus Trojan is capable of stealing banking information and other data, and many business owners have had their information stolen as well as the important financial information of employees, such as social security numbers.

Not only that, but the virus can also be used to put a form of ransomware called CryptoLocker on infected devices.

2. The Wanna Cry Hack Devastated Companies Around the World

This cyber-attack continued for an extended period of time, and it prevented numerous companies from using their computer systems. It resulted in massive financial losses, and the ransomware is still in use.

3. The Canadian Government Hack

This attack shows that even major organizations can be highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. During 2011, the Canadian government’s computers were hacked by individuals who from China.

4. The PayPal Hack

PayPal was hacked in December 2010. This attack occurred in response to PayPal’s decision to restrict the account of WikiLeaks.

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