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Who Is Andrew Lazarus and Why Is He Important to Know?

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Andrew Lazarus is not a name that many people in the United States are familiar with, but he is a name that is recognizable in the Sydney, Australia region. Lazarus is most known for his work and success in the hospitality industry, including buying and rehabbing world-famous hotels and properties. However, he is making a new name for himself through his work with charities. While Andrew has always contributed to charities during the duration of his career, now that he is nearing retirement age and slowing down his work in the hospitality industry, he is doing more hands-on work with charities. Read on to learn more about Andrew Lazarus.

His Early Career

Andrew Lazarus has always had a desire to please other people and help them to enjoy their downtime. As such, he embarked upon a career in the hospitality industry early in his career. During the course of his long career, he has made a name for himself by helping to restore older hotels, helping to develop new properties and hotels, and helping to develop, open and revamp many nightclubs within the Sydney area. Some of his best-known projects include buying, renovating, and selling the Macquarie Hotel, owning hotels such as the Eastern in Bondi Junction and Exchange Hotel in Hamilton, being an owner of the Shoal Bay Country Club, and being a previous owner of the Kings Cross Nightclub Soho.

Andrew Lazarus’ Real Estate Transactions

Andrew lazarus’ real estate transactions andrew lazarus hospitality projects andrew lazarus

While Mr. Lazarus is currently most well known for being a hotelier, he also made news in 2018 when he sold his famous Vaucluse home in an off-market deal for eight million dollars. This transaction made news for several different reasons. First off, the home was considered by many to be a trophy home. It is located in the high-end park precinct area. It has also undergone renovations throughout the two decades that Mr. Lazarus owned the home, including interior design work completed by famous designer, Cameron Kimber.

Current Hospitality Projects

As Andrew Lazarus is nearing retirement age, the number of projects that he is taking on has decreased. However, prior to the pandemic, he got his hands full with a large hospitality project. Andrew made news when he purchased the well-known and popular Beach Hotel in Merewether, a hotel and pub. The purchase took place prior to the pandemic happening, and that has slowed down any new plans and renovation work. But, it is expected that as we slowly ease our way out of the pandemic, renovations and changes will be made to this property that will make it even more appealing to tourists and locals in the area.

Current Charity Work

While Andrew Lazarus is best known for his work in the hotel and club industry, he wants to do more for people. Therefore he is changing his approach to charity. While he has always given generous donations to charity, he is taking a more hands-on approach.

Andrew Lazarus is a name that many Australians are familiar with, but it is not a name that has global name recognition. However, Mr. Lazarus has made a name for himself through his hospitality work, and he hopes to further increase name awareness through something that is near and dear to him, his charity work. Mr. Lazarus is nearing retirement age, and he hopes that as he slowly steps away from his hospitality projects, he will have more time to take a hands-on approach to charity work. As such, his may become a name that soon will become associated with philanthropy work worldwide.

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