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What You Should Do When Involved in DUI Case

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As a responsible driver, you should know how big an offence is driving while you are high on alcohol or other substance — it has become a cardinal sin. With the numbers of accidents and deaths involved in DUI, authorities made sure to remind people non-stop of its risks and increase possible legal consequences when engaged in one. In case you see yourself facing a DUI offence soon, here is a guide on what you can do to have charges reduced.


DUI stands for “driving under influence.” It is the same with DWI, which can mean “driving while intoxicated” or “driving while impaired.” These terms pertain to the same offence in which the charged driver endangered others and themselves by being under the influence of alcohol and prescribed or recreational drugs. Consuming alcohol or drugs can impair one’s ability to drive, leading to fatal accidents or injuries that can cause disability.

We can take DUI and DWI differently depending on the state you are charged. For some states, DUI and DWI vary in what substance was consumed. One thing can mean alcohol, while the other refers to other substances like drugs.

What if I got arrested for DUI? What should I do?

Arrested in dui case

Here are the steps you can take after a DUI arrest:

  • Undergo a chemical test

Taking a chemical test is required in most tests. It is punishable to refuse the test. In taking the chemical test, the most essential information they will want to get from the results is your blood alcohol level. 

  • Call a DUI attorney.

Having a DUI attorney representing you is crucial in managing a DUI arrest since a DUI offence can entail fines, losing driving privileges, and jail term.

Why hire a DUI attorney?

It’s vital to hire a DUI attorney Harrisburg pa, instead of a general attorney due to their expertise and experience in the matter. They already know the standard steps to take since they have already handled so many DUI cases. Moreover, you have to take into mind that DUI laws are highly complex. This requires an in-depth understanding and specific regard to the legal system.

  • Find a bail bondsman.

A bail bondsman is someone who will assist you in posting bail, which is often a requirement after a DUI arrest. However, you will have to pay a fee upfront. You may not know this, but it is cheaper than paying bail to the court even though this is expensive. Still, you will need to attend hearings.

  • Request a hearing.

Requesting a hearing is vital to managing a DUI case if you don’t want your driver’s license to get suspended. You only have a limited number of days, including holidays and weekends, to request one. This court ruling for your hearing determines whether you can keep your driver’s license or not.

  • Prepare and be ready for your arraignment.

One of the critical phases of your DUI case is the arraignment, where you enter your plea. Remember not to plead guilty since it is possible to win a DUI case if you have an expert DUI attorney. When your plea is not guilty, you will be given a chance to have a jury trial. 

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