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What to Do If Your Car Catches Fire?

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A car has a lot of frictional components, flammable liquids and complex wiring. As a result, fire is one of the most common hazards in a car. A car fire or an accident that causes fire is very unpredictable and can unfortunately prove fatal. It is important to know what to do in such situations and take preventive measures. Below are some points that can guide you if your car catches fire.

If Car Catches Fire While Driving/Parked in Traffic

  • The first thing one must do if their car catches fire while driving is to stop the car and turn off the ignition. Remember to unlock all the doors before switching off the ignition
  • The next important step is to safely get out of the vehicle and assist other passengers out of the vehicle
  • Move away from the car immediately as cars contain flammable liquids including fuel that could cause an explosion
  • Alert the vehicles nearby and the pedestrians if the car is parked in traffic
  • Never try to retrieve personal belongings from the car
  • When the car is on fire do not open the bonnet or the boot to put out the fire as flames may flare up which can result in serious injury
  • Contact the fire department and the traffic police. The fire department will put out the fire and the traffic police can alert the oncoming vehicles
  • Inform the insurance company immediately to redeem the insurance money. One must act quickly as the insurance company will send a surveyor to check what caused the fire. If the surveyor approves, the insurance company will compensate for the loss incurred by the policyholder
  • If you opt for a cashless garage, the insurance company will get in touch with a service centre, or you can choose a service centre of your choice
  • Do not move the car until the surveyor from the insurance company arrives

If a Car Catches Fire Due to An Accident

Car catches fire due to an accident car fires

  • An accident that causes fire can be very dangerous to the passengers
  • One must first get out of the car and help others out as quickly as possible as fire might cause an explosion
  • Contact emergency services like the fire department, ambulance, and traffic police, as required
  • Contact the insurance provider to compensate any damage caused to the insured or third-party vehicle

How to Prevent Car Fires

  • Service the car at regular intervals and maintain all the fluids at optimum levels
  • Check fuel lines for any leakage as it is one of the main reasons for fire
  • Do not smoke inside the car
  • Turn off the engine if you smell rubber or plastic burning under the car
  • Stop the car if you notice smoke from the bonnet
  • Switch off the engine while refuelling the vehicle
  • Do not transport flammable substances inside the car
  • Park the car in a safe spot and away from flammable fluids

A comprehensive car insurance policy offers cover against fire and explosion along with various other covers. Thus, when an unfortunate event like this occurs, one can be assured of receiving compensation. To learn more about comprehensive car insurance policies, click here!

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