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What to Choose – a Bank Business Account or Genome Online Account?

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Recently, entrepreneurs are increasingly wondering what to choose between bank and online accounts of financial institutions. Let’s find out which is better for your money and where you should open a business account.

Business Account in Banks 

Recently, banks do not particularly welcome non-resident companies and even often refuse to open an account. Today, the process of opening an account with international banks can take you up to a year, adding a lot of hassle. You will get tired of gathering a list of documents and proof of real economic activity. As businessmen who have faced such a problem saying: “all that is left is to take health tests”.

What Are the Advantages of using banks?

  • the guarantee of funds in accounts by state authorities (the so-called Deposit Guarantee Fund, for example in Europe the coverage is 100,000 EUR);
  • banks provide more services when it comes to lending, investments, etc;
  • they are more open to working with huge enterprises;

If you still want to turn to more modern digital opportunities, then it makes sense to think about opening an online account in Genome!

Power of the Genome Account 

Today there is a great alternative to a bank – a Genome business account. Open a business account with Genome, and be able to conveniently, quickly, and securely make non-cash payments all over the world. Transfer money within days, no need to wait long weeks. You can open a business account completely online – no need to leave the house.

Power of the genome account  bank business account

Genome Account – Countless Advantages

  1. A simple process of identification of your business account through downloading documents without the need to send paper documents.
  2. genome.eu online account is more flexible and is oriented to modern technologies for payments, confirmation of payments, and other financial operations.
  3. Excellent rate and commissions.
  4. Instant money transfers between the Genome users.
  5. Possibility to open a business account with joint management – to share the workload with employees.
  6. Easy to navigate the website and user-friendly mobile applications.

We think it’s clear that Genome has many more advantages than traditional banks, and we’ve only mentioned a few of them. We encourage you to go to their website to find out more!

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