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What Kind of Posts Can Draw In and Grow Quality Instagram Followers?

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Some people seem to get started on Instagram, and then they hit the ground running with scintillating posts that get a ton of positive attention. Not everyone seems capable of that, though. More often, you may create an Instagram account for yourself, but then you won’t see the likes, IG followers, comments, and other positive feedback that indicates your popularity is growing.

How can you turn your fortunes around on the Instagram platform? By creating posts that draw in the most high-quality Instagram followers. Those are the ones who will like your posts, comment on them, and mention you to their friends.

The simple steps of how to buy 50 Instagram followers when you start on this platform include clicking the linked website, and that is it! You may also buy more than that if you have the money to do so. You don’t need to worry about any illegality because this is a perfectly legal practice that many individuals and companies do. The following entities often do this:

  • Companies that are already established on additional social media channels but are just starting out on IG
  • Influencers who want to jumpstart their popularity because they want to attract some sponsorship
  • Celebrities like musicians, actors, and athletes are trying to pump up their numbers to appear more popular

In this article, we’ll briefly discuss the kinds of Instagram posts that are the most likely to attract you the attention on this platform you’re hoping to achieve.

The Practice of Buying IG Followers

The Instagram platform is one where people go when they want to promote themselves or their companies. You might determine you need to establish an IG presence if you:

  • Want to achieve influence and many Insta followers
  • You are running a company that’s about to come out with a new line of products
  • You are already a celebrity, and you want to notify your fans about what you’re doing on a daily basis

Before we talk about the types of Instagram posts that will most likely get you the numbers on this social media platform you’re seeking, we should mention that you can also purchase Instagram followers. You might choose to do this instead of attracting them organically, at least when you start out on this platform.

It’s at least worth considering whether or not to buy some Insta fans once you start becoming active on the Insta platform for the first time. Now, let’s review some of the specific kinds of posts that are the most likely to attract quality Instagram followers who will stick with you and engage with your account.

Behind-the-Scenes Posts

Behind the scenes posts insta followers instagram

If you’re a celebrity and you’re on IG, you can probably showcase the glamorous lifestyle that you’re living. On a social media platform like this, you may show some behind-the-scenes shots of the new TV show or movie you’re filming. That attracts new Instagram followers. You might also decide to reveal some pictures or videos of you attending the Black-and-White Ball or some other kind of exclusive event to which the public does not usually have access.

What if you’re just an average person, though, and you don’t have a big budget? You might select one of the following for your behind-the-scenes content:

  • Access to a place where most people can’t go
  • Insta content that depicts you doing something dangerous
  • Pictures or videos that feature unusual places or events

Exclusivity is one thing that people on IG seem to love. They want videos or pictures showing places and events they cannot attend on their own.

Figure out how you can give them that. By doing so, you’ll gain the reputation of running a must-follow account and gain many Instagram followers.


IG is a very visually oriented platform. As such, you won’t gain many Instagram followers by showcasing commonplace or uninteresting content.

Food is something that can be very colorful and creative. That’s why you’ll notice many pictures and videos of breakfast or dinner plates on the average Instagram timeline.

Just because a lot of people do it, that doesn’t mean that Instagram users don’t love checking out pictures and videos of sumptuous buffet spreads. If you travel abroad and visit a roadside cafe on the outskirts of Dublin, the fish and chips you get there should make an excellent post. The more colorful and extravagant the meal, the more probable it is that you will attract some new Instagram followers and generate lots of buzz and comments.

Scenery or Landscapes

Travel blogs tend to do very well on Instagram. Why is that? It’s probably because people like visiting places they’ve never been to. Through you, they get a chance to travel and live vicariously.

That means you should find some success getting more Instagram fans if you show many pictures and videos of scenery and landscapes. For example, you may go for something like:

  • A leaf-strewn path on a fall day in upstate New York
  • Central Park in winter with a blanket of new-fallen snow
  • A shot of the Spanish countryside with roadside booths selling food
  • Videos of ruined European castles

Scenery and landscapes make the person following you wish they were there, but they’ll also stick around to see your next destination. You should see your numbers swell if you have the money to travel and keep showcasing the places you go.

Such posts will bring you many Instagram followers. You may also use other digital marketing tools to promote your publications and gain a greater audience. What hashtags to use in your marketing campaign is something you need to know as well.


Some animals become famous on Instagram and have just as many followers as their owners if not more. You may create a star out of your furry companion, and you can pose them in different scenarios and various costumes, and you should see some positive engagement from that.

Humans love animals, especially cute and cuddly ones. Any time you post Insta pictures of your cat, dog, hamster, or whatever else you have, you’ll most likely see some positive feedback from that.

You can also get mileage from videos and pictures featuring interesting-looking human faces. If you play with color and filters, you might make yourself look a thousand years old, and you may show your face colored by stained glass or other tricks that make you look captivating to the eye.

You should do well with any pictures or videos that showcase your own humanity at its most frail or vulnerable. IG celebrities often try to do this, even the most beautiful ones.

You’ll also want to try and shake up the Insta content by posting something unexpected sometimes. Even if you’re known for posting a particular kind of picture or video, you should have more luck attracting loyal followers by diversifying your timeline or sharing a GIF.

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