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What is UI? Design a Complete Introductory Guide

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User interface UI design is a multidisciplinary sphere that creates visually attractive content and, in this way, encourages user engagement. It plays a crucial role in what users think about their experience. A bad or good UI design might make them keep or leave your product.

Effective UI design isn’t just about the aesthetical perception but also the functional use of products. If this is something you need for your project, you may require some help. Professional developers like Ronasit can help you develop web and mobile apps for startups, as well as small and medium businesses.

What is user interface (UI) design? A definition

User interface UI design is the creative process when designers build interfaces for web and mobile apps. The result of their work sets interactions between individuals and products. The way the interface looks and behaves may determine the success of your overall project.

When users like what they see, they usually take more time to explore the product and potentially decide to stay with it for a while. As a result, the project can form a broad audience for its web or mobile app. No need to mention what impact it would have on revenues.

Moreover, a well-designed user interface is important for encouraging an excellent user experience. This mission is possible with the right tools applied.

An overview of the UI design process

Similar to interior designers, UI designers are responsible for the development of visual solutions for your product. Their work involves several strategic steps:

Understanding the context

UI designers can’t get down to the creative process without having a clear understanding of the project specificity. Thus, they should know as much as possible about it. They examine the target audience they’re designing for and the goal of the product they’re focusing on. Only this way they can create a worthy piece of software that actually works.

Conducting competitor analysis

UI designers should conduct competition research and analysis to see what other brands are bringing to the market. Which visual styles are popular? Which color palettes are dominating? This information helps them understand what users want when interacting with particular products. When designing interfaces that seem familiar and are still easier to use, UI designers try to approach users more closer.

Designing screens and UI elements

A significant element of the UI design process is based on visual solutions. UI designers will design the individual screens that determine the user experience and the additional elements that appear on these screens here and there. While the main part is pretty clear, the additional work needs specialists to create icons and buttons, choose imagery, make color and typographic decisions, as well as produce some animations.

Designing screens and ui elements prototypes

Creating wireframes and prototypes

Throughout the UI design process, UI designers are responsible for developing wireframes and prototypes. In the beginning, low-fidelity wireframes are used to highlight the location of different elements on the screen. When initial ideas are growing into specific design decisions, high-fidelity, and clickable prototypes, they build up the foundations for the final product look. So UI designers start feeling the product and share its high-fidelity prototypes with the audience. In this case, UI designers mention what the product UI should look like and how it should act while interacting with potential users.

Handing off to developers

As soon as the product UI is completed, it doesn’t make sense for developers to integrate the UI designer’s prototypes. Meanwhile, it’s crucial to realize that moving from high-fidelity prototypes to development doesn’t always turn out to be direct. After all, developers and other stakeholders may say their feedback aloud by demanding some changes to the ready-made product.

Final words

What is UI design for web and mobile software development? How to use it? How to benefit from it? Now that you know the answers you can take action. A beautifully designed website can build up an appealing interface that would encourage users to stick to your brand for a while. With the right visual solutions, you will be able to furnish users with smooth and elegant digital experiences. But when the stars align, the outcome is going to be a huge success.

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