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What Is The Best Mens Beard Oil To Use For Growth In 2022?

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Growing a beard comes naturally to some men. At the same time, some men find it challenging to grow their beards past a stubble. Some can’t even grow it at all. Many factors influence some men’s inability to grow beards, the main factor being their genes, with a host of other factors like diet, lifestyle, or even testosterone levels. Fortunately, you can influence your beard growth with the proper nutrients when you click to read more. Some of these nutrients have been blended to create men’s beard oils. But if your inability to grow a beard is due to genes, beard oils can’t do much for growth.

Beard oils are not only for growth. Even the man growing beard needs to maintain and nourish their beard. After all, it’s still hair, and like the hair on our head, it needs more than just trimming to keep it looking good. For a thick, lustrous beard, the best option for you is to find a product that contains the essential nutrients your beard needs to keep it nourished. Beard oil is necessary for men who have a beard or are trying to grow one. The best beard oils are usually formulated from a mixture of essential oils.

What Is A Beard Oil?

Beard oil is usually a blend of natural products, mostly essential oils, and vitamins, containing the nutrients your beard needs for growth and staying healthy. Beard oils are necessary for conditioning, moisturizing, and nourishing the beard. They help keep the beard less frizzy and softer to touch and make it fuller. Mens beard oils penetrate the skin under the beard, keeping it hydrated, which induces faster, thicker hair growth.

What is a bread oil hair growth oil

Some beard oils act as softeners, some act as thickeners, some taming, some hydrate, some are anti-dandruff, and some detangling, while some beard oils are a combination of two or more of these functions.

Reasons Why You Should Use A Beard Growth Oil

To tame your beard

You’ve probably been noticing how trimmed, and neat some men’s beards are, and you’re wondering why your beard doesn’t look like theirs but instead is growing all over the place. It is because the beard needs a little more than trimming to be neat and kept in shape, and a blend of essential oils might be just what your beard needs to be tamed. Something heavy enough to tame your hair but light enough or not greasy so that your beard can easily absorb it will do the trick.

To make the beard appear fuller

If your beard is scraggly or frizzy, a dollop of beard oil will make it softer and lush, giving the impression of fullness, which is why many people use mens beard oil to make their beard longer and fuller.

For scent

Most essential oils have lovely scents, which are often subtle when added to the beard but still project. And as this subtle scent follows you around, sometimes you might not even need a cologne.


Beard oils mostly contain essential oils that benefit hair and the skin at times. The best beard oils are versatile and should be used for various things like pre-shave lubricants, post-shave moisturizers, or even as moisturizers to keep your skin and beards hydrated. And you don’t have any of these, or it finishes. Your beard oil should be able to stand in until you get another one.

Reduces Itchiness

Since beard oil hydrates the skin beneath the beard, it reduces hydrates the skin and reduces flaking skin, which is the leading cause of the itch.

To soften the beard

Most essential oils contain monounsaturated fats, and monosaturated fats have the ability to penetrate the outer layer of the hair and maintain the moisture barrier, which keeps the hair moisturized and soft.

Antimicrobial properties

Some essential oils have antimicrobial properties, and an example is coconut oil, which protects the hair and skin against bacterial or fungal problems like folliculitis.

What Is The Best Beard Oil?

The best men’s beard oil is made from purely natural ingredients, making it versatile for use even on the face, long-lasting, thickens the hair, reduces itchiness, and produces a fast result. A few men’s beard oil meet these requirements, and one of the beard oils that meets all these requirements is the Bossman Beard Oil.

The Bossman Beard Oil mixes all-natural ingredients, including Soybean Oil, Beeswax, Castor Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Seed Butter, Tocopherol, and Essential Oil Scent. This beard oil brand comes in different scents for different choices and personalities. It is different from the conventional beard oil and better with increased viscosity that lets it bond more with the hair follicles and pores, increasing hair growth. It thickens, softens, tames, and moisturizes the hair all at once.

How To Use Beard Oil: Directions For Use?

Some containers come with specific instructions, but if not, you can follow this one:

How to use beard oil bossman beard oil

  • After taking a shower, towel dry your beard. Next, you apply a small amount into your palm and warm it by rubbing your palms together.
  • Massage the oil into your beard and your mustache over and over again.
  • Evenly distribute the oil into your hair by running a comb through it.
  • Groom your beard and style it anyhow you like.
  • Apply more oil if you feel like the one you applied is not enough.


A lot of people apply men’s beard oils as hair growth oil, but these beard oils do not guarantee that your beard will grow; instead, they provide the nutrients needed for growth and can induce growth. But if your lack of a beard is due to your genes, using men’s beard oil might not work for you. Every part of our body should be taken care of, including the beard on your chin, and one way to moisturize and nurture your beard is to use a beard oil to look soft, dense, and lush. For a healthy-looking beard, don’t forget your diet also matters a lot.

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