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What Is An AAE File? Everything You Need To Know About AAE File

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Are you using Apple’s iPhone or iPad device for storing your photos or images? Then, you may encounter some files with the AAE extension along with the stored images. You should understand more AAE files with more attention. This will help you open the files and delete them effectively. Apple Aperture Edits, shortly known as AAE, occurs primarily on iOS devices when you want to edit a photo or image. You can convert them to JPEG and other formats. However, you should know more things about the AAE file in detail that will help you make informed decisions accordingly.

What is an AAE file?

It is an XML-based sidecar file that typically stores data when you edit, crop, or adjust your photos. You can view and open AAE files on macOS and iOS devices, which are not compatible with other platforms or software. The files will also occur when you transfer your photos to Windows.

You can’t view the files in your gallery, but a system will analyze its modifications when you open an edited picture. It is wise for you to understand what an AAE file is and how to solve the issue in detail. Moreover, it will help you accomplish your goals when you want to manage the files.

What are the ways to open AAE files?

If you’ve encountered these files on your device, then you should know how to open them in various ways. You can either convert or delete the files accordingly after opening them.

Here are some ways you can open AAE files.

1. Utilize the built-in photo app

You should consider using the built-in photo app when you have a Mac or iPhone device that allows you to meet your exact needs. Double-click the AAE file on your photos, which opens automatically.

2. Rename the AAE file extension

Rename the aae file extension

Do you use a non-Apple device and encounter AAE files? Then, you should rename the file extension to.zip format, which will help you view the details. You can use any archive software after renaming the files.

3. Use a file viewer

You can use a file viewer when you face difficulties accessing the contents of an Apple Aperture Edits file or renaming the file extensions.

Is it possible to delete AAE file?

Deleting AAE files may lead to a loss of edits in the corresponding images. It is not possible to retrieve the changes or edit the photos further. You should export photos from the Photos app when you want to keep a copy of your edited photos before deleting an AAE file. You should think once or twice when deleting the files. Although you can safely delete files, you will lose any changes made to them. Also, you can convert them to JPEG and delete them later.

How can you convert AAE files to JPEG format?

AAE file is an XML format that will store the edits made to a picture. A system will create an Apple Aperture Edits extension if you change an image on an Apple device. Devices that have older versions or other operational systems don’t run AAE files. Therefore, you should convert the edits stored in AAE files to a JEPG file before transferring your pictures to a device.

You can use any app apart from the native photos app when you want to convert them. Since they exist in a photo gallery, the changes will be saved as a new JPEG rather than an original JPEG file.

You can even use the Photos app while editing your pictures and send them to your email address. The next step is that you can save them as JPEG files and transfer them to other devices.

You can choose third-party apps and software applications after making a detailed study about them.

What should you do when you lose important AAE files?

If you delete or lose AAE files accidentally, then you should know how to recover them in various ways.

Here are some methods you can try when retrieving the lost AAE files:

1. Retrieve AAE file from cloud storage

Have you stored Apple Aperture Edits files on cloud storage devices such as Google Drive or Dropbox? You can retrieve them from there easily. All you have to do is simply sign into your account and locate the Apple Aperture Edits file. Then, you can download them to your computer in easy steps.

2. Restore AAE files from a backup

Restore files from a backup

When you back up your files regularly, you can restore them at the earliest. Apart from this, you can utilize the time machine on Mac or file history on Windows, which will help make the restoration process simple.

3. Using data recovery software

You can even use data recovery software when you want to restore your lost files. At the same time, you should know how to utilize the software from different sources. You should download and install the software first, then select the location where the files are stored.

In the next step, you have to select the file you want to restore and click on the “Recover” button to restore the original position.

How to open AAE files on Windows?

Opening these on Windows requires some additional steps, and you change the file extension. are to.jpg or.mp4 to get the job done easily. However, make sure that your file is compatible with a photo or video file. You can even use a third-party file viewer or converter while opening ASE files on Windows. Similarly, opening these files on a Mac is a straightforward process that allows you to save time.


Understanding what is an AAE file will help you save the files and remove them if you want. Moreover, you can transform your photos for other devices after converting AAE files to JPEG format. You should have some basic technical knowledge when you want to open the files. Knowing the instructions or guidelines will let you focus more on your goals and other things. They even show ways to handle complications when you want to delete files from a device to ensure a smooth experience.

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